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I walk along the work of Óscar Domínguez

As he was saying to them, the annual auction of Spanish art of Christie's is a marvelous occasion to visit the work of forgotten painters again, as it is the case of Óscar Domínguez.

Domínguez went down in history of the Spanish and international painting, like one of the best exponents of the surrealism, as they see it in this video that part of his production assembles.

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“Francis Bacon”, I paint the portrait of Lucian Freud

Portrait of Francis Bacon for Lucian Freud. 1952.

Portrait of Francis Bacon for Lucian Freud. 1952.

In the year 1952, Lucian Freud realized a portrait of Francis Bacon. These two authors met in London and supported a good friendship and artistic relation.

Both had in common many artistic aspects in his productions, as it was the representation of the human figure.

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“Mantis“, a videocreación of Jordi Moragues

In this video there appears a fragment of a videocreación of the Catalan artist Jordi Moragues, who takes Mantis as a title, dated in 2002.

Mantis considers as animated poetical meditation, the vital cycle of the religious mantis. Other one of his works is One Night, of 1997, a love story and humor in that a bottle of Coca-Cola, and other one of Pepsi-Cola they support a sad romance.

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“Palimpsest“, a work of interactive of Daniel Canogar

Palimpsest is a work of Daniel Canogar, that it takes as collaborators to Jordi Puig, Javier Lloret, Paola Rodríguez, Domingo Martínez, Patricia Casado y Yolanda Spinola.

The work is composed by a sculptural screen formed by ruined bulbs, in which they go away there happen points of light that are interacting with the public. As the spectator approaches, these light points it is taking the form of this person fitting to his movimiento.De a metaphorical form, this light that seems to give life to the bulbs, also it does it with the public.

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Sísifo, net's work art of Antoni Abad

Sísifo. Wellington - Oceania.

Sísifo. Wellington – Oceania.

Antoni Abbot is born in Lleida in the year 1956. He is a Spanish experimental artist, with a wide recognition inside the world of the vídeoarte and of net art. He has been the first artist in selling net's work art in Spain. The work takes 1.000.000 as a title, and we can see it in: Aleph Arts.

With Sísifo also it obtained a big success, it was a work that brought a big prestige to the author, in her it presents to two naked masculine figures that pull a rope, creating a big tension between both bodies. It is a question of a very dynamic work of the year 1995.

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“The Portuguese ladies in waiting”, exhibition that checks the work of Velázquez from other artists


The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Manolo Valdés

Photo: Antonio Moreno

There are works of the art history that leave his deep mark, this is the case of The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Velázquez, a picture that not only has created other plastic interpretations, but also literature.

In a mission for assembling looks, the Museum Picasso of Barcelona tomorrow inaugurates Olivando to Velázquez. The Portuguese ladies in waiting, a sample, that without the original work, there covers a set of works that re they interpret and update this mythical work.

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“Big Route” of Antonio López García


Antonio López García is one of so many people big Spanish painters, but for especially he is the father of Spanish contemporary realism. His pictures are of an exquisite simplicity where the daily thing reigns and it appears before us to the look with an exuberant beauty, almost unable to receive for our eyes.

Since you know, after a romance with the Dalí surrealism, from the 60s there begins to settle in the painting of López García the detail and the search of the faithful representation, as well as there appear the topics of his next environment. This will be perhaps the first step that the artist gives towards this that today we call a Spanish realism and it will crown his contribution to the history of Spanish art.

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The imperialist monster of Oscar Neimeyer


This image that they see is the sculpture that the Brazilian artist Oscar Niemeyer realized for the University of Science Computer of Havana, Cuba and was located last Monday. It has been baptized like The Imperialist Monster it is a gift that this 100-year-old sculptor of age gave to the Cuban people, in honor to his struggle.

With a structure of 9, 5 tons of steel, the monster is trying to gobble a man who clutches the flag of Cuba, in clear allusion to the resistance of the Cuban people before the voracious capitalism.

Looking at it from the distance of the photo, the work in itself does not seem to come out very much, but I invite them to imagine opposite to this almost 10 tons grotesque monster and think if it is that they will not feel in a second the weight of this oppressive system and the desperation of which it swallows us.

Reflections about the work of Santiago Sierra


The modern art has pronounced search of the form as we can see it in all the avant-gardes. Then with the arrival of the conceptual art, which with some form it marked to the contemporary art, acting of the artist worried more for the content than for the form.

I do not know if it is my perception or what happens but I see that most of the contemporary art become exhausted in a concept, mere literature, and that it is not achieved at the moment of the form. Also let's agree that the art is that: the translation of a content, concept, idea of the world in a form that the artist puts in risk. A case that escapes to this, is the work of Santiago Sierra where the form is almost void, but it supports a content that devastates us.

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