Miquel Barceló and the Spanish pavilion in the Biennial one of Venice

Finally we will be able to see something of the Spanish pavilion of the Biennial one of Venice, which representative in this edition is neither more nor less than the most mentioned contemporary artist of Spain: Miquel Barceló.

For this one 53rd edition of Venice, Barceló has gone a little of everything of his work: they will be able to see his ceramics of big format, paintings of the series of Africa and projections of the performance Double Step. The commissioner of the pavilion is Enrique Juncosa.

We remember that the Biennial one of Venice 2009 will have his doors open until next November 22, so you have time to visit the work of Barceló in the Spanish pavilion.

Biography of Francisco Iturrino, Spanish painter



Francisco Iturrino was born in Santander on September 10, 1864, being a son of of Miguel Iturrino-farero - and of Joaquina González. At the age of three his family moved to Castro-Urdiales and in 1872 one changed of definitive form Bilbao.

There, at the age of 15 it received classes of drawing in an academy and on the part of his uncle, Elviro González, painter and poet. Once the graduate ended, in 1883, he settled in Liège (Belgium) to study engineering. But it left the studies, without his father finding out, to begin his artistic career.

In 1890 it moved to Brussels and studied painting with Lorrand. Two years later he decided to devote himself of exclusive form to the painting.

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What does think the public of the work of Luis Gordillo?

Small question that gathers in this video the different impressions of the public about the work of the Spanish contemporary artist Luis Gordillo.

The interpretations as open as diverse and the value of this fragment of the program of TV 1001 Nights, where they submit to the look of the public the author, the best criticism and the most sharp.

Let's remember that the opinions diversity about the work of Gordillo is proper of the impressions that there wakes up the abstract art, which is opened for interpretations, sometimes opposing, sometimes docile. The spiritual thing, the exploration with the matter, the sexual thing and the language are the elements with which they all coincide at the moment of stopping the look opposite to a Gordillo.

Bill Viola, his life in 60 seconds

I found this curious video that gives some winks about the life of Bill Viola. At the age of 6 it fell down of a boat, perhaps there this the reason that I explained the use of the water as way for the life and the death in his works.

His mother died after Viola was born, from there his obsession for the life, the death and the existence in his works. A 1 minute to meet this contemporary artist, who is writing the page of the videoarte in the art history.

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Biography of Cirilo Martínez Novillo, Spanish painter


Photo: Raúl Cancio

This Spanish painter belonged to the School of Madrid, group that not only based on his moral attitude, but on the recovery “of the formal values of the historical avant-garde”, and also one related it esthetically to the Second School of Vallecas. He was born in Vallecas, Madrid, in 1921 and died last year, July 15.

Cirilo Martínez Novillo is one of the fundamental artists of the Spanish figurative painting of the modernity. He could develop a very personal language, in which imagining and abstraction makes a mistake.

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Banksy vs Bristol Museum, exhibition of the artist of the grafitti

Banksy vs Bristol Museum is the title of the exhibition of our favorite artist, that you will be able to visit this summer in the British city.

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Antonio López García sings in The Sun of the Quince


Since you know, The Sun of the Quince is not the only one I fit of Antonio López García, but also a movie of Víctor Erice, inspired by López's painting.

In this video, the sequence in which the Spanish contemporary artist sings along with Enrique Gran. The idea of the movie is simple: to register the painting process to the native of a quince, in full maturation of his fruits.

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Biography of Esteban Vicente, Spanish artist


Esteban Vicente was born in 1904 in Turégano, Segovia. At the age of 17 his formation began in the School of Fine arts of San Fernando, firstly to form like sculptor, although he decided to devote himself to the painting.

Once in Madrid there had contact with writers and artists, like García Lorca, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Alberti, Luis Buñuel, Juan Bonafé, Bores and the Pole Wladislaw Jahl. For his esthetics it was located in the group that received the epithet of “painters poets”. In fact, there was in two literary magazines, Poem and Prose and Midday, where he published his first drawings.

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He interviews Antonio López García

Almost by chance I have met on this interview to Antonio López García, the Spanish artist that more I like, so much for his attitude before the art as for his hyperrealistic painting.

Antonio López García speaks to us about what it moves to the art from his birth, how it does his artistic work, the importance of the urban scenery, the need to take Spain as a topic of the Spanish painting. He speaks about Velázquez and Bacon, with very unlike opinions, in that you can or not to agree.

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The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Team Chronicle

- recinte-1971

The recinte, 1971

An emblematic picture has been the Portuguese ladies in waiting of Velázquez in the international art history and Spanish. It has inspired painters of his epoch in the form of the real portrait and has inspired contemporary and modern artists, as it is that I marry of Team Chronicle.

We have already seen The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Manolo Valdés, a series of beautiful sculptures that were a few years ago inhabiting the streets of Spain, today it is the turn to see the versions and visions of the artistic stamp known as Team Chronicle and his Portuguese ladies in waiting.

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