Biography of Giorgio de Chirico

The puzzler of the arrival and the evening, 1912.

Giorgio de Chirico was born in Volos, Greece on July 10, 1888, being a son of Italian parents; and he died in Rome on November 20, 1978. He was one of the most influential artists of the surrealism.

At early age he began to be interested by the painting, and from 1899 it initiated classes of drawing in the Polytechnic school of Athens. It was a little time in the Italian cities of Florence, Venice and Milan, and between 1906 and 1910 it moved to Munich, Germany.

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Works of Giorgio de Chirico and Jaume Plensa

A few minutes of relaxation and reflection with this beautiful video that brings together works that can turn out to be unlike to us: sculptures of Jaume Plensa and paintings of Giorgio de Chirico.

But think a second: are not body, language and oneiric sceneries perhaps the thematic appellants in the work of these artists and simultaneously the needles that goad the suspense about our existence?

“Things of surrealism”, exhibition of surrealistic design


4 suits for dance (1929) of Giorgio de Chirico.

This year we come with an important heyday of the surrealistic art and to crown the fury have Things of surrealism, an exhibition that walks us for better of the design and the application of these esthetics.

250 works, between clothing, daily objects, theater and more, serve to realize of the trip that this artistic movement realized during last century.

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“Art XX”, exhibition that he revises to the best artists of last century


Work of Miquel Barceló

Art XX is the name of this exhibition that assembles works of the cardinal artists of last century and that will be able to be visited until March 2 in the Museum of Bilbao.

The funds of the sample belong to an anonymous collector and it assembles 63 works, between 48 paintings and 15 sculptures of 46 authors like Sorolla, Nonell, Kandinsky, Torres García, Julio González, Picabia, Klee, Picasso, Blanchard, Gleizes, Léger, Braque, Metzinger, Gray, Sun porch, Chagall, Of Chirico, Ernst, Looked, Dalí, Domínguez, Palazuelo, Block, Chillida, Thousands, Saura, Gordillo, Serra, Cragg, Navarrese, Kapoor and Barceló, between others.

The funds of this collection will stay to care of the museum for 5 years, but we do not know if again an exhibition will be realized. For those who want to do the visit they can do it from Tuesday until Sunday from 10 to 20 hs, in Museum Square 2 of Bilbao. The value of the entry is 5 euros.

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