The carnations: new artists of Seville

It is very difficult to know what is again in the contemporary art, especially when we speak about the Spanish art, because generally the artists become acquaintances after certain trajectory and little and we know nothing of his beginnings.

Really for this reason there seemed interesting to me this project called The Carnations, which is a proposal that assembles artists and born new creators in Seville. In the video they will be able to see the works presented in the exhibition of 2008, under the title The Carnations. An approach to the young painters of Seville. This sample took place in the Foundation Chirivella Soriano of Valencia and it was assembling approximately 50 works of young artists.

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Teenager Beach, images of the exhibition of Such a R in CAC Malaga

Not long ago less than one week we were commenting on the exhibition of the Danish artist Such a R in the Center of Contemporary art of Malaga. Teenager Beach is the title of the installation that names this first sample of the artist in our country.

Here a walk in video to know his work, with images of the opening of the exhibition and a brief trip for the same one, to wake up the interest of those who want to meet this contemporary artist.

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I fell down Guo-Qiang: Courtyard of the recuadación of the revenue of Venice, work of the exhibition I Want to Believe

Until September 6 you have time to visit the exhibition I want to Believe, of Cai Guo-Qiang, that it is in the Museum Guggenheim of Bilbao.

The sample consists of 4 big works: Straight ahead, The traces of the history, Inopportune, Courtyard of the collection of the revenue of Venice (that we see in the video) and An Iwaki gift.

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Works of Susy Gómez

Until June we had in CAC of Malaga, the exhibition of Susy Gómez, one of the most interesting Spanish contemporary artists.

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Annie Leibovitz, life of a photographer: images of the exhibition

Annie Leibovitz, Life of a photographer is one of the exhibitions more important that they presented before themselves in the frame of PhotoEspaña 2009 and that you have time to visit until September 6 in Room Alcala of Madrid.

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I fell down Guo-Qiang: The traces of the history, work in the exhibition I Want to Believe

Until September 6 the exhibition of contemporary art will be opened to the public I want to Believe of Cai Guo-Qiang, one of the most important Chinese artists of the contemporary art.

The sample is in the Museum Guggenheim Bilbao, who also have realized a series of videos of the exhibition, with the proper artist as commentator of his work. Here the reading and motivations of the work trace of the history, realized in 2008 with gunpowder, one of the elements metáforicos that they define the language of this Chinese artist.

Conferences, exhibition of Spanish contemporary art in Foundation Josep Suñol

Coloquios is the title of the exhibition of Spanish contemporary art that assembles 24 works of the collection of the Foundation Josep Suñol.

The idea of the sample is to oppose the works of the Spanish contemporary artists to invite to the reflection on the ways of representation, topics and contexts of the contemporary art.

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Henri Matisse and his paintings

Henri Matisse is perhaps the painter nearest to the contemporary art that we can find in the modern art. The expressiveness across the color and not conventional forms they do of his work an exquisite playtime for the look.

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Images of the exhibition of Juan Uslé in gallery Soledad Lorenzo

Malatadas was the title of the exhibition of the work of Juan Uslé that Soledad Lorenzo of Madrid exhibited until June 11 in the gallery.

The pictures keep the essential elements of this contemporary Spanish artist, like the line and the color. If you could not have gone, in this video you will be able to see a trip for the works of the exhibition.

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Antoni Muntadas, artist of videoarte Spanish

Antoni Muntadas is the contemporary Spanish artist, pioneer of the videoarte in Spain and Award Velázquez 2009. As his pair Bill Viola, Muntadas tackles from the language of the videoarte and the videoinstalación a sharp look of the world.

If Viola is investigated by me, his life and his death, Muntadas puts the look of this me in the world, with a critical work of the place of this I in the society and the culture that surrounds it. In this video you will be able to see some of his works, like Applause, The file room or the last series of photos of The Factory.

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