Works of Francis Bacon

To little less than one month of the opening of the big star of the artistic year of Madrid, a glance of some works of Francis Bacon.

Since you know, on February 3 there will do foot in the Prado Museum the big retrospective of the work of Bacon, with more than 70 works that will produce homage to the birth of the artist famous persons for his visceral portraits.

From here a window to his work and the genius of his painting, which without doubts is one of the best pieces of the contemporary art.

Joan Miró, to 25 years of his death

On December 25, 1983, Joan Miró, one of the most important painters of Spain, was leaving us forever. Today to 25 years of his death our simple homage for the Miró that introduced the esthetics of the modern art, opening the way for the contemporary art.

According to its own words, his target with the art was “to provoke first a physical sensation which last target is the soul” because “the art can die but what it imports is that it has interspersed gérmenes on the ground“.

Photos of Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz is one of the contemporary Spanish photographers more exquisite to my taste. Winner of the National Award of Photo in 2000, the photographic Madoz poetic art recovers (to me to understand) this aura of absolute that it surrounds the object.

Does the object, this way full, in what we might call his reality, show the power to count histories from the absence, but of whom? It is clear that I refer to the absence of the human being for which the objects of the world live and receive sense from the utility, from the mere being - tool.

Here a trip for some of his photos, a window opened to discover what sees the eye of Chema Madoz when it goes off.

Gallery of works of Disidenzas de Nancy Spero in Queen Sophia

Artaud Painting – All Writing Is Pigshit, 1969
Written with the left hand, painting in role, 63,5 x 50,2 cm
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Lelong, New York

Since we pass in September, yesterday there remained inaugurated the exhibition Disidenzas, the retrospective that covers cronólogicamente the work of Nancy Spero, the artist femenista.

Related generacionalmente with the school of Pollock and Of Kooning, Spero opened its own way in the American scene with a feminist speech and a political commitment with the reality of his country, even marked till now with the invasion of Iraq.

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Esther Ferrer exhibits in The gallery Tintra of Santiago de Compostela

Artist Esther Ferrer born in Donostia-San in the year 1937, comes to Santiago de Compostela with an exhibition called In the frame of the art, with which it brings his talent over in a high quality sample.

The sample: In the frame of the art it is the continuation of a complex concept that the artist begins to tackle in the 80s and to which it is poured out directly up to the actuality coming increasingly far in his idea. To keep on reading»

Saura 10 years later, exhibition homage in Gallery Juan Gris

There being already celebrated the tenth anniversary of the death of the big painter and writer Antonio Saura born in Huesca, in 1930, the Gallery Juan Gris, he proposes to remember the work of this wonderful representative of the Spanish art in the XXth century.

Joining the samples that Abattoirs is carrying out in diverse places throughout this year declared by the Museum They, of Toulouse as The year Saura.

The sample: The exhibition takes the name Saura ten years later, and to we will allow to enjoy the work of Saura, across a selection of his best works, dated between the year 1960 and 1994.

Where and when: Saura Ten years later, inaugurated on October 9 and it will close on November 22.

Gallery gray Juan: Villanueva, 22 28001. Madrid

Exhibition of Carlos Bunga in the gallery Elba Benítez

The Portuguese artist Carlos Bunga, is the manager of Elba Benítez opens the period of the Gallery with his work Juxtaposition, an ambitious work, which tries desdibujar the limits in the art, combining diverse skills.

The sample: Bunga proposes with his new work to work on limits that separate the disciplines, which for the sound very weak, as well as the perception of our own eyes. To keep on reading»

Gallery of works of Maria Chacón

Trains in Villaverde Alto. Oil, 2004. Collection of Count Sánchez-Ocaña.

Maria Chacón is a painter of Madrid who devotes herself to the figurative painting. From his beginnings it has been self-educated, although his style is in frank evolution since it registered in Fine arts.

Along his career it has received several special awards, as for example that of the Foundation Art and Authors Contemporáneos. His work is part of the collection deprived of Count Sánchez-Ocaña, who is provided with two pictures of the responsibility of Chacón on Valencia, sceneries pieces appellants in the Chacón production. Next a linens fistful to meet this artist.

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Gallery of works of Guillermo Kuitca


The most beautiful moment of the war, 1989
Acrylic on cloth
Guillermo Kuitca is perhaps one of the contemporary Argentine artists with more aftereffect on a global scale. His work is part of the collections of museums and more prestigious private roads of the world.

Beyond everything this legitimacy, his work belongs to those who more attract attention of me because of some form it retains certain chromatic expressionism, but with a personal impression that turns it in visceral, renewed, from a different angle. Here a gallery of the works of Kuitca that more catch the look.

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“Where are the calmness areas”, exhibition of Magdalen Abakanowicz in Marlborough


Where are the calmness areas? it is the explanatory proposal that the gallery Marlborough offers us until June 21.

The sample of the Polish artist Magdalen Abakanowicz consists of 6 visionary figures of bronze, 2 masks of bronze and two impressive groups of figures in burlap and resin, called Crowd IV and Coexistence, of 24 and 14 sculptures respectively.

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