Bores, Nadal and Feito in the auction of art of Sotheby's

We complete the most interesting Spanish lots of the auction of poetical and symbolic European art of Sotheby's (12-11 in London) with the works of Francisco Bores, Carlos Nadal and Luis Feito.

Of Bores we have fruits Inn

Oil s/lienzo
92 x 73 cm
Signed Bores 60, below to the left
Starting price: 18.300 – 30.500 euros

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Paintings of Francisco Bores in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

Francisco Bores could not be absent in an auction that there assembles the best of the Spanish art of last century, that's why we have 3 marvelous pictures of the person from Madrid in the auction of Christie's Madrid.


Signed and dated áng. inf. dcho: Borés/27
Oil on table
17,5 x 30,5 cm
Identical with 1927
Origin: Espace Tajan-Galerie A Rebours, Paris
Starting price: 15.000 – 20.000 euros

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Biography of Francisco Bores


Francisco Bores was born in Madrid on May 6, 1898, and died in Paris on May 10, 1972. First it began the careers of Engineering of Ways, Channels and Ports, and Right, which retired to devote itself from 1916 of exclusive form to the painting.

It was part of the group of Spanish artists who were living in Paris, like Hernando Viñes and Pancho Cossío, what gave place to the group named School of Paris. In fact, he is considered to be one of his representatives more important.

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Bores, Grau Sala, Gal, Ciria and Guinovart to auction today in Segre

The room of Madrid Segre celebrates today an auction in which it dominates the Spanish art, where we emphasize the work of Francisco Bores, Emilio Grau Sala, Menchu Gal, José Manuel Ciria y Josep Guinovart. The auction will be today at 18:30 hs in Segre 18 of Madrid.

Let's begin with the Bores lot, it is a question of Inn, 1961


Painting / Graphic Work
Price Gone out: 7.000,00 €

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