Corner of the study, work of Francis Bacon in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

Study corner is the work with which Francis Bacon informs in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's London. The work will be finished off in the second meeting of the auction, on June 26.

Study corner

it forms a corner - de-estudio

Ink wash on role
52.5 x 40.5 cm
Signed and dated 34
Gladys McDermot, London (acquired straight of the artist in 1934), from there for the ancestry of the current owner
Starting price: 114.000 – 171.000 €

Figure writing, I fit of Francis Bacon in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

Francis Bacon is present in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's Paris with an exquisite picture, but not of both value and the pictures:

Figure writing reflected in mirror

It lithographs in color on Arches role
85 x 63,5 cm
Signed and numbered
Executed in 1976, Claude Bernard is the number 75 of an edition of 180 copies printed by Mourlot for the Gallery
Starting price: 4.000 – 6.000 €

Arch 2009: works of art you cover with stars to auction

Study from the Human Body of Francis Bacon

Yesterday Arch 2009 opened his doors to the expert public, like collectors, press, authorities and businessmen, all of them with the hope to find contemporary art at good prices in crisis times. Today it will be the big opening.

Here an advance of the big works and artists, national and international, that you will be able to see in Arch 2009, and if the pocket allows it to you, to buy them:

  • Study from the Human Body of Francis Bacon
    I boast: 15.700.00 euros
  • Big Nude (1959) of Antonio Saura
    I boast 900.000 euros
  • Victory Over Death of Damien Hirst, price to request in the gallery
  • Works of videoarte of Bill Viola, catalog of works to request in the gallery

Exhibition of the work of Francis Bacon in gallery Marlborough

Second Version of Triptych 1944

Tomorrow the gallery Marlborough inaugurates the exhibition of graphic work of painter Francis Bacon. How you know, the exhibition coincides with the big retrospective that dedicates the National museum of the Meadow.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of 12 graphic, chosen works of 35 paintings dated from 1965 until 1991. Each of them was carried out following the European collaboration tradition between artists and main printers that it starts in the Renaissance, nevertheless they take the supervision and Bacon signature.

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Arch 2009 begins already

Work of the series Systematic Citizen, of the Indian artist Riyas Komu,

that will be present in ARCH

From February 11 until February 19 we will have the new edition of the fair of Spanish international contemporary art, Arco 2009. With the bogey of the crisis, less galleries and invited countries, Arco 09 will set in shop window from the avant-garde art up to the new tendencies of the contemporary art.

In whole we will have 238 galleries of 32 countries, 79 of Spanish them and with India like the invited country, with the exhibition of the work of 50 artists. The mitigation for Arch 09 will be the presence of artists dedicated like Francis Bacon, Bill Viola, Miquel Barceló and Damien Hirst.

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Movies on artist Francis Bacon

Scene of An Andalusian dog of Buñel, one of the movies of the cycle

In the frame of the big retrospective that the Prado Museum realizes on the figure of Francis Bacon, there will take place a cycle of movies that honors the artist dublinés in the centenary of his birth.

The meetings of the cycle of movies will begin in February 28 and the value of the entry is 3 euros for meeting. The movies program is the following one:

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Francis Bacon in the Prado Museum

On February 3 Francis Bacon will inaugurate in the Prado Museum the retrospective, the biggest exhibition realized in our country on the artist dublinés.

What will we be able to see? The sample is composed by 60 paintings, between them a triptych of 1984 that was not seen in the exhibition of London, it will not even be seen in that of New York, which is the next scale of the retrospective.

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Man in blue VI, of Fancis Bacon to auction in Christiés

On February 11 Christie's London realizes an auction that assembles 31 works of contemporary art and of post war, in which descatamos the lot with more expectations:

Main in blu VI of Francis Bacon

Oil on linen
Identical with 1954
Starting price: 4.400.000 – 6.600.000 euros

The peculiarity of the work is that it is always painted by a different procedure to applied by Bacon, since one treats the native as a portrait and not from a photo, as the artist was always doing it. In addition to this work of Bacon, there are pieces little seen in artists' auctions like Jeff Koons, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Alberto Burri, which we will see in the later days.

Works of Francis Bacon

To little less than one month of the opening of the big star of the artistic year of Madrid, a glance of some works of Francis Bacon.

Since you know, on February 3 there will do foot in the Prado Museum the big retrospective of the work of Bacon, with more than 70 works that will produce homage to the birth of the artist famous persons for his visceral portraits.

From here a window to his work and the genius of his painting, which without doubts is one of the best pieces of the contemporary art.

Exhibitions agenda 2009 in Spanish museums

Portrait of the Pope Inocencio X of Francis Bacon

2009 will start with an explanatory variety for all the tastes, since some museums as Queen Sophia, Prado Museum and Thyssen Bornemisza have already moved forward his programming that includes contemporary art and modern art.

  • On February 3 there will be inaugurated in the Prado Museum of Madrid the retrospective devoted to Francis Bacon with 70 works that will produce homage to the anniversary of birth of the artist. For May, there is had programmed the opening of the biggest retrospective of the work of Joaquín Sorolla, with more than 100 pictures, between which there stand out 14 panels of the Vision of Spain.

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