New York as Zugiaba, exhibition of photos in EFTI

new york 1

The Center of Image EFTI of Madrid offers us in the frame of the Week of the Architecture the exhibition of photos about New York of the Spanish photographer Alfonso Zubiaga.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 14 photos of big format of the 24 that compose the series New York of the photographer of Bilbao. The Zubiaga skill is to work from the real photo of the scenery of the city, desconstruyéndola across the digital manipulation.

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Chema Madoz: You act in gallery PhotoMuseum


Chema Madoz: Obras is the title of the exhibition of the photographer of Madrid that you will be able to see in the gallery PhotoMuseum in Zarautz.

What will we be able to see? The sample exhibits photos similar to those that we could see last year in the exhibition of Cadiz, composed by a selection of snapshots that paint the portrait of objects of the everyday life, deprived of his habitual environment and forming a new articulated language.

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Portraits of the Spanish movies, exhibition of Jerónimo Álvarez

photo - jeronimo-alvarez

Portraits of the Spanish movies there is the title of the exhibition of photos of the photographer Jerónimo Álvarez that you will be able to visit in the Academy of Movies.

What will we be able to see? The sample gathers snapshots of the Spanish actors and figures related to the contemporary movies, like Alex de la Iglesia, Unax Ugalde, Bethlehem Rolls, Leonor Watling, Eduardo Noriega, Chariots Moon, Ariadna Gil, Javier Cámara, Juan Diego or Najwa Nimri.

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The desire, exhibition of photos of Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos

The desire is the title of the new exhibition of the Spanish photographer Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos that you can visit in the Center of Image EFTI of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of portraits of the inhabitants of Havana and Santo Domingo, in an exhibition that reflects the way of feeling and of living through the world of the inhabitants of these cities from the cautious close friend of Díaz Burgos.

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Exhibition Portraits of Jorge Ontalba, Spanish photographer

Portrait of Moncho Borrajo for Ontalba

Jorge Ontalba, Spanish photographer, presents his new exhibition to us Portraits, which there can be visited in in the Center Culture Camp of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 24 portraits of personalities of the Spanish artistic world, to which Ontalba admires or supports some type of tie, captured in a simple look and atrapante.

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Exhibition of photos of Socías, Spanish photographer

13 Observaciones is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish photographer Jordi Socías that we will be able to visit in the Bar of Palace. The sample assembles 13 photos, mostly portraits of illustrious personages as Jorge Luis Borges or Salvador Dalí.

The proposal: the exhibition is a walk along one of the most important Spanish photographers, recognized by his only look, capable of catching the persons and the city of the only form.

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Exhibition of photos of Chema Madoz in Cadiz

Chema Madoz (2000-2005) is the title of the retrospective of the Spanish photographer Chema Madoz that you will be able to visit in the Provincial Palace of Cadiz.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition is assembled by a selection of photos of the trajectory of Chema Madoz, in addition to 75 images of the volume of Madoz in the collection PHotoBolsillo of publishing house The Factory.

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Photos of Alberto García Alix, Spanish photographer

National award of Photo 1999, Alberto García Alix belongs to these contemporary artists with all the letters and with the eye of his slow position in the document of the Spanish urban culture.

Proprietor of a biting and visceral style, 30 years of photo of García Alix exhibit it like these affectionate photographers, in the style of Cartier Bresson, but with the crudeness of the times that they cover. Porno Yonkis, stars, obscene scenes, the loutish eroticism are a part of the artistic trace of García Alix.

Photos of Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz is one of the contemporary Spanish photographers more exquisite to my taste. Winner of the National Award of Photo in 2000, the photographic Madoz poetic art recovers (to me to understand) this aura of absolute that it surrounds the object.

Does the object, this way full, in what we might call his reality, show the power to count histories from the absence, but of whom? It is clear that I refer to the absence of the human being for which the objects of the world live and receive sense from the utility, from the mere being - tool.

Here a trip for some of his photos, a window opened to discover what sees the eye of Chema Madoz when it goes off.

The photographer in the nature, book of José B. Ruiz

The photographer in the nature. Finished guide for the Digital Age is the title of this new book published by the Spanish photographer José B. Ruiz, who works for National Geographic.

In this volume that assembles more than 1.000 photos of the nature, Ruiz not only limits himself to showing us the genius of his photo, but every image all that with a detailed text who explains the conditions in which the image was received.

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