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New York as Zugiaba, exhibition of photos in EFTI

new york 1

The Center of Image EFTI of Madrid offers us in the frame of the Week of the Architecture the exhibition of photos about New York of the Spanish photographer Alfonso Zubiaga.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 14 photos of big format of the 24 that compose the series New York of the photographer of Bilbao. The Zubiaga skill is to work from the real photo of the scenery of the city, desconstruyéndola across the digital manipulation.

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Annie Leibovitz on the verge of the ruin


Photo of Bernardo Pérez

The history of Annie Leibovitz is like that of the modern artists, but on the contrary: it goes from the economic stardom to the financial ruin. As we comment already, Leibovitz had pawned part of his work in last February to settle debts.

Now then, the Supreme Court of New York gave to him one month to pay to his creditors 17 million euros that it owes or but it would lose the rights of his some photos, valued for 35 million euros. It seems that Leibovitz had asked for a loan for these 17 millions and was putting like guarantee his two houses and the copyright of photos as that of pregnant and naked Demi Moore in the front of Rolling Stone and the hug of Yoko Ono and Lennon.

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Close cooperations, exhibition of photos of Cristina García Rodero and Inês Gonçalves

energy transfer

Energy transfer, 2006. Cristina García Rodero

Maridajes is the title of the exhibition short duet that there assembles photos of the veteran Spaniard Cristina García Rodero and the young Portuguese Inês Gonçalves in the room San Benito of the municipality of Valladolid.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of 100 images of both artists, whose meeting point is the trip as inspiration way for the photo. The images are part of the collection of Photo Colectania, foundation of Barcelona.

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Until June we had in CAC of Malaga, the exhibition of Susy Gómez, one of the most interesting Spanish contemporary artists.

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The new routes of the silk, exhibition of Kyong Park in the MUSAC


Map New Silk Roads Route, 2007-2009

The new routes of the silk there is the title of the exhibition of the Korean urbanista Kyong Park that you can visit in the Contemporary Art museum of Castile and León (MUSAC).

What will we be able to see? The Park sample consists of works that document the town-planning research project, which includes different trips realized between Istanbul and Tokyo, revealing a new urban scenery.

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