Unpublished images of Luis Buñuel in the House of America


The House of America in Madrid will produce a homage to the big Spanish film maker Luis Buñuel offering to the public an exhibition that 82 unpublished images of the artist. We will be able to see images of the parents and wife of the artist as well as in company of other big and inseparable friends, Salvador Dalí and Federico Gracia Lorca.

Photographic album of the family Buñuel” will be able to be seen until the next day 25/10, in the street Marquess of the Duero, 2. From Monday until Saturday, from 11 to 20 h; On Sundays and festive, from 11. until 15 hs free.

The first photos in the Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao


The lovers of the photo will be able to know 47 snapshots taken between 1852 and 1913 done by decisive names for the history of the photo like count Olympe Aguado, Edouard-Denis Baldus, Adolphe Braun, Félix Bonfils and Robert Burrows, between others.

The works belong to the collection Ordoñez-Falcón, one of the most excellent private compilations of the international ambience, and they will be in the Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao during the next five years.

The Fine arts of Bilbao Museum is in the Square, 2.

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Opening of the art gallery Spread Zero


Ciuco Gutiérrez opens with golden keys the opening of a new art gallery, Space Zero, which promises to move away from the classic gallery of conventional photo.

That because It Spread Zero innovator of the photo goes especially nearby, focusing in what there is of more avant-garde.

Dessert, is the exhibition with which the art gallery is released in October 22 and brings to us irony, humor, doing a reflection on the contemporary scenery marked by the desolation, his cultural meanings and the ambiguous experiences that they wake up.

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Masterpieces, collection of Chema Madoz edited by The Factory

chema madoz

Masterpieces, it is the title d and the collection of the Spanish photographer Chema Madoz, edited by The Factory that will go out published in April, 2010.

The volume covers the Madoz trajectory, across his photos, which of particular form, have the power to change the objects into different others, almost for magic art.

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He interviews: Juan Curto, the director of the gallery Dark Chamber speaks to us about Dystopia

As we promised that we bring an exclusive interview with the director of the gallery Dark Chamber, Juan Curto, who explained to us details of the new exhibition of Jamie Baldridge, American photographer, known by his original and surrealistic work, with a pinch of southern tradition and French baroque.

It is not in vain that Baldrigde is known at present like the new photographic sensation and Juan Curto tells us the inspirations of the photographer to create his most beautiful sample, Dystopia, as well as the characteristics of his work that were leading him to being an acquaintance as such.

The exhibition will be able to visit until October 31, in the street Avenue, 14, Madrid.

Camera obscure is a multimedia art gallery which focus is directed to the international contemporary photo and also to the video art. Perhaps his strong personality should to the eternal search of professional works and transgresoras that make us interpret the “implicit art” present in all the works exhibited there.

It photographs: Exhibition Ways of Iron in the Museum of the Railroad


The Foundation of the Spanish Railroads exhibits in the Museum of the Railroad, the anthological exhibition of the photographic contest “Ways of Iron” that it assembles, the first awards from 1986 until 2009, a whole of 75 works.

The contest that began in 1986 has the target to encourage the creativity in the ambience of the railroad in all his aspects (trains, travelers, stations, routes, bridges, tunnels, urban, inter-city and metropolitan transport).

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Bodies, images of the exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe

Have not you gone to see the exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe in the CAC of Malaga yet? Since here you have a rapid walk along some of 115 photos selected for this retrospective that celebrates a new anniversary of one of the most controversial photographers.

The images of the exhibition are of small format, but it shows the photographic eye of one of the artists more important than the contemporary photo. The sample will be opened until November 15 and it assembles his production in 14 years, from 1975 until 1989.

The naked body, already be anómimo or of celebrities, he keeps on impregnating his work and from there the title of the exhibition: Bodies.

Camouflages, collective exhibition in The Burning House


Camuflajes is the title of this collective exhibition that you can visit in The House Lit until November. The proposal takes as a target to assemble the work of diverse artists who use the resource of the camouflage as a constitutive element of his work.

It will be possible to see works of these artists: Angels Agrela; José Ramón Amondarain; Liu Bolin; Manuel Cerda; Chema Cobo; Monica Duncan and Lara Odell; Lalla Essaydi; Leo Fabrizio; Adonis Flores; Joan Fontcuberta; Laurent La Gamba; Rogelio López Cuenca; Maider López; Carmen Mariscal; Laura Mars; Mateo Maté; Carlos Miranda; Sonia La Mur; Juan Luis Moraza; Yasumasa Morimura; Harvey Opgenorth; Desiree Palmen; Domingo Sánchez Blanco; Francesca Woodman; Gina Zacharias; Eleanor Antin; Emilio Fantin; Alfredo Jaar; Ottonella Mocellin; Pacquée Laughs; Cesare Pietroiusti and Cesare Viel.

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The best photos of Robert Mapplethorpe


The photographer of New York Robert Mapplethorpe is met by his work loaded with sexual content, be for the masculine or feminine nudes or forever to defend the homosexuality in an epoch where this sexual preference was even seen like illness. His work was always the search of the perfection and secret beauty, controlling the minimal details as balance, lights and shades, textures and attitudes.

The exhibition will be provided with his best snapshots, totalizing 115 photos extracted between 1975 and 1989 and they will be able to be seen in CAC Malaga, Keep silent about Germany, s/n, even 15/11/09,

Exclusive interview with Cristóbal Hara in the Gallery Marlborough

We were in the opening of the new sample of the Spanish photographer Cristóbal Hara named “a White person and Black” in the well-known Gallery Marlborough, where we had the opportunity to know a little more of his fantastic artistic trajectory, as well as his vision on the panorama of the contemporary art in Spain.

Between other things, It will Do it tells us why the photo decided to change white and black into the color photograph - fact that changed his work drastically – his opinion about the place of the photo into the context of current contemporary art, the Internet role to spread the art and much more.

It looks at the exclusive interview:

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