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Together Lisa Borgiani and Massimo Nidini, photo and painting

The Italians Lisa Borgiani and Massimo Nidini reinvented the way of doing art joining the inspirations of each one to create the only works. This species of collaboration and artistic complicity brings to us two traditionally put up forms of expression: the photo and the painting that here walk together in perfect harmony.

The work of the couple is quite interesting and I confess that for me it is an innovation, as soon as Borgiani photographs all and any image that is capable of personifying a city or a movement that is capable of expressing intentions more than words, Massimo finishes the work with his painter's touches, highlighting one or another part especially, doing art of the nicest and sincere form.

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To live without destroying, exhibition of Pello Irazu in San Sebastian


To live without destroying is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish contemporary artist Pello Irazu, that you will be able to visit this summer in Koldo Mitxelena of San Sebastian.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of diverse works: sculptures and constructive drawings, along with photographic spaces, you photograph with painting and sculptures realized in smelting of bronze and aluminum. These works represent the production of last 4 years of the artist.

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Exhibition of contemporary Galician art in Foundation Rosón Arte Contemporáneo

menchu muds

Work of Menchu Lamas

Galician contemporary art is the explanatory proposal that you will be able to visit this summer in the Foundation Rosón Arte Contemporáneo (RAC) in Pontevedra.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures and facilities for contemporary Galician artists in the last 30 years. Between the artists that you will be able to see there are José Freixanes, Menchu Lamas, Antonio Murado, Alberto Datas, Leopoldo Novoa, Francisco Leiro, Vari Carames, Vicente Blanco and Sofía Jack.

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Autumn exhibitions in Madrid


Peoplés Theatre in Niteroi, of Oscar Niemeyer

To almost a month of the summer end, we bring over to you an advance of the calendar of autumn exhibitions in Madrid. The advance includes the principal museums and rooms of exhibition of the city, which we will be updating opportunely.

Prado Museum

  • Retrospective of Juan Bautisma Maíno: opening on October 20 with 35 works of the artists and paintings of the Spanish and Italian contemporary artists.

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Exhibition of photos of Robert Capa in the MNAC Barcelona


This is the war! Robert Capa in action is the title of the exhibition of photos of this famous artist that you can visit in the National museum of Contemporary art of Barcelona (MNAC).

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles photos and documents that allow us to know the work and Layer contribution between 1930 and 1940. Also, this exhibition is accompanied by the exhibition of the works of Gerda Taro, photojournalist and sentimental partner of Robert Capa.

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Annie Leibovitz, life of a photographer: images of the exhibition

Annie Leibovitz, Life of a photographer is one of the exhibitions more important that they presented before themselves in the frame of PhotoEspaña 2009 and that you have time to visit until September 6 in Room Alcala of Madrid.

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Eroticism and art in an exhibition of Thyssen Bornemisza


Photo of Rachel Weisz for James White

Tears of Eros there is the title of the big retrospective that the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza will inaugurate in autumn, which central topics are the eroticism, the passion and the death in the ancient art, of the XIXth century, surrealist and contemporary.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of 120 works that tackle the eroticism and the passion across these moments of the art history, with pieces in painting, sculpture, video and photo. Between the works stars are photos of Man Ray or James White; paintings of Picasso and Antonio Saura and videos of Bill Viola.

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Exhibition of photos of Frank Thiel in gallery Helga de Alvear


In the gallery Helga de Alvear you can visit the exhibition of photos of artists Frank Thiel, who from his beginnings works the papers of the changes suffered in Germany after the fall of the wall of Berlin.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of a series of photos that paint the portrait of curtains, an object that to simple sight is merely ornamental, but the photographed curtains belong to the buildings of the old Berlin that remain hung after 15 years on the ancient buildings of East Berlin.

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Portraits of the Spanish movies, exhibition of Jerónimo Álvarez

photo - jeronimo-alvarez

Portraits of the Spanish movies there is the title of the exhibition of photos of the photographer Jerónimo Álvarez that you will be able to visit in the Academy of Movies.

What will we be able to see? The sample gathers snapshots of the Spanish actors and figures related to the contemporary movies, like Alex de la Iglesia, Unax Ugalde, Bethlehem Rolls, Leonor Watling, Eduardo Noriega, Chariots Moon, Ariadna Gil, Javier Cámara, Juan Diego or Najwa Nimri.

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Art Basel: the contemporary art fair begins


From June 10 until June 14 we will have the new edition of Art Basel, the biggest fair of the contemporary art that is celebrated in Basel. This year one will be able to see 300 galleries leaders of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

More than 2.500 artists, that photos go from the big teachers of the modern art to the last generation of emergent stars, with works in painting, sculpture, drawing, facilities, vídeoarte and multidisciplinary works.

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