Fernado Boatman in the auction of Latin American art of Christiés

Today it is the day of the auction of Latin American art of Christie's in New York, where his they will finish off four unlike lots of Fernando Botero: two drawings and two sculptures.

Let's see the pieces of our favorite Latin-American artist:

The Family

Signed and dated “Boatman 75 ″ (low right)
Graphite on role
43,2 x 35,2 cm
Executed in 1975
Starting price: 25.000 – 32.000 €

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Contemporary art in Arch 2009

Boatman's sculpture

In walk along Arch 2009, he is sick to some contemporary artists that we follow in Artespain. Here the works and consecrated artists of the Spanish ambience, like Antoni Tàpies, Jaume Plensa, Eduardo Chillida y Miquel Barceló.

Of the international ambience, a fabulous sculpture of Fernando Botero, the most recognized Colombian artist on a global scale. I hope that you should like this works selection.

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Fernando Botero investigated by tax evasion

This news little has to do with the art, but something demonstrates us: up to the big contemporary artists they can have problems of money, but look at the roll in which Fernando Botero is involved.

The Colombian artist taken root in Italy, will be the target of an investigation of the Italian financial police, for the supposed evasion for 7 million euros. According to the police, of the crime is verified, Boatman might go to jail, exactly the same one that was the stage of his work Abu Ghrabi.

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Abu Ghrabi-El Circo”, the political exhibition of Boatman comes to the IVAM


After a long tour all over the world, the most political exhibition of Fernando Botero comes to Spain. We are speaking about Abu Ghrabi-El Circus, a double sample that gathers paintings informers of the torture in the city iraki and a collection of unpublished works.

Of Abu Ghrabi we will be able to see 49 works of the exhibition, where the humiliated and mutilated body is the center of the attention and which denounces the atrocities committed by the American soldiers in the occupation of Iraq. In Circus we will see 46 unpublished pieces.

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Big auction of works of Fernando Botero in Christie`s

The famous house of auctions Christie`s will finish off between the 28th and 29th of May an enormous lot of paintings of contemporary artists, where we will find between them eight works of Fernando Botero. Here we present some of them to them:

Woman with Dog
Lot: 51
Oil on linen
Signed and dated “Boatman 97 ″
Measurements: 132×100 cm
Evaluation: 300.000 – 400.000 U$D

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Series of acrobats of Fernando Botero to auction in Paris

The Parisian room Cornette de Saint-Cyr will realize on April 5 an auction of contemporary art, in which we emphasize the lots of Fernando Botero. It is a question of a series of acrobats pasaditos of weight, the faithful in the style of the Colombian painter. the auction will take place in Drouot Montaigne 15, avenue Montaigne at 20 a.m. hs.

Let's see the first picture, Colombine


Watercolor on role
41×31 cm
Executed in 2007, signed and dated
Starting price: EUR 40.000 – 50.000

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Caught the forgers' network of works of Picasso, Dalí and It Looked


Detail of a false Dalí

A work between the FBI, the Italian police and the Spanish police allowed to spoil a forgers' network of works of art, which were selling the pieces for Internet to collector of the United States and Europe.

Most of the works were drawings and lithographies of Dalí, Picasso, It looked, Block, Chagall, Boatman and Lichtenstein, which were selling to themselves to between 1.500 to 2o.000 euro, even with authenticity certificates forged.

The network was formed Spanish mostly, with 2 forgers (capable of imitating 2.000 drawings a year), 3 gallery owners, the owner of a graphic company and a pair of collaborators. So you know already, if you doubt the authenticity of the work that you have acquired not long ago, it consults with expert and realizes the pertinent examinations to verify that they are legal.

Recounted: The country

Works of Boatman and Rivera in the Latin American art auction in Odalys Subasta

The house of Madrid Odalys Subasta will realize on February 17 a Latin American art auction with more than 200 works of the artists most representative of this continent. Between many artists who will take part, we emphasize the lots of Fernando Botero and Diego Rivera, two of our favorites.

Of Boatman we will have two sculptures, the first one is dressed Ballet dancers


Year: 2005
Category: Sculptures
Skill: Bronze
Measurements: 57×33x21cm
He signs: Back
Evaluation: 318.000 EUR

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The big Latin-American exponent: Fernando Botero


Fernando Botero (April 19, 1932, Medellin, Colombia) is the most quoted living Latin-American artist on a global scale, in addition to being a world icon of the art, with an extensive work recognized by all. His first work was a watercolor of a toreador, since a toreadors' school of his city was his first studies. When his family understood his real vocation, it realized his first individual exhibition in 1948.

This year moves to Bogota for the opening of the Exhibition of Artists Antioqueños, where it presented two of his watercolors. When it reaches his secondary studies in 1950, it moves to Bogota, where Leo Matiz exhibits twice consecutive in the Gallery, obtaining in one of them the award of IX Lounge of Artists Colombianos, granted by the National library of Colombia.

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2 Boatman's watercolors in the Venezia auction

The room Semenzato Venezia will realize on Sunday, the 20th to 15:30 an auction in which we emphasize two watercolors of the most recognized Colombian painter internationally, Fernando Botero.

The first lot is a Clown with trumpet

clown. JPG

Watercolor s/papel
39×31 cm
Dated in 2006 and signed
Evaluation: 39.000 – 40.000 EUR

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