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In Art Spain we have mounted ourselves to the Facebook wave, that's why now you can continue the innovations of the contemporary art in the profile of Art Spain in Facebook.

Only it is enough that you are a fan of Art Spain in Facebook to receive every day news, exhibitions, artists' profiles, critiques of works, contests of art and everything what moves in the brushes of the contemporary art. Also from this space we want to improve the contact with the public, that you bring contents proposals over to us for the blog and answer better to the topics that you are interested in.

Since you know, in Art Spain in addition to touching topics of the international contemporary art, we take a special appreciation as the Spanish contemporary art and the artist's trajectory as Antonio López García, Eduardo Chillida, Eduardo Naranjo, Juan Genovés, Miquel Barceló and Team Chronicle.

We invite you to take part of our forum opened to qualify the contemporary art in: It defines the contemporary art.

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