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Exhibition Portraits of Jorge Ontalba, Spanish photographer

Portrait of Moncho Borrajo for Ontalba

Jorge Ontalba, Spanish photographer, presents his new exhibition to us Portraits, which there can be visited in in the Center Culture Camp of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 24 portraits of personalities of the Spanish artistic world, to which Ontalba admires or supports some type of tie, captured in a simple look and atrapante.

The proposal: in words of the proper Ontalba, the exhibition captures his taste for “the movies, the literature and the music and these photos are the sum of influences and friends of the artistic world that I have been interested in in some moment“. Some of the well-known faces are Carlos Saura, Antonio Vega, Nacho Campillo and Moncho Borrajo, between others. The skill is simple: black and white, some photos with assembly of stage that characterizes the painted the portrait one, and others simply like photo card.

Place: Center of Culture Camp, in Highway Boadilla of the Mount 40 of Madrid. Opened to the public until May 30. Next exhibition in the room of the Princes of Asturias.

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