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Close cooperations, exhibition of photos of Cristina García Rodero and Inês Gonçalves

energy transfer

Energy transfer, 2006. Cristina García Rodero

Maridajes is the title of the exhibition short duet that there assembles photos of the veteran Spaniard Cristina García Rodero and the young Portuguese Inês Gonçalves in the room San Benito of the municipality of Valladolid.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of 100 images of both artists, whose meeting point is the trip as inspiration way for the photo. The images are part of the collection of Photo Colectania, foundation of Barcelona.

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Annie Leibovitz, life of a photographer: images of the exhibition

Annie Leibovitz, Life of a photographer is one of the exhibitions more important that they presented before themselves in the frame of PhotoEspaña 2009 and that you have time to visit until September 6 in Room Alcala of Madrid.

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Horizonville, of Yann Gross: exhibition of photo


Horizonville is the title of the exhibition of photo of Yann Gross that you will be able to see in the exclusive segment of Discoveries PHotoEspaña 2009, the shop window to see the new talents of the photo.

What will we be able to see? The sample is the result of documenting the life of a social group that resides in the Valais, on the banks of the Rhone, and between his peculiarities there is to dress itself and to live as if they were in the distant west.

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The desire, exhibition of photos of Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos

The desire is the title of the new exhibition of the Spanish photographer Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos that you can visit in the Center of Image EFTI of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of portraits of the inhabitants of Havana and Santo Domingo, in an exhibition that reflects the way of feeling and of living through the world of the inhabitants of these cities from the cautious close friend of Díaz Burgos.

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Exhibition Portraits of Jorge Ontalba, Spanish photographer

Portrait of Moncho Borrajo for Ontalba

Jorge Ontalba, Spanish photographer, presents his new exhibition to us Portraits, which there can be visited in in the Center Culture Camp of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 24 portraits of personalities of the Spanish artistic world, to which Ontalba admires or supports some type of tie, captured in a simple look and atrapante.

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Exhibition of photos of Johann Ryno de Wet in gallery Dark Chamber

On March 5 Dark Chamber inaugurates the second individual exhibition of the South African photographer Johann Ryno de Wet in gallery.

What will we be able to see? In the sample we will be able to see the photos of the series “Shadow Valley (“Vale of Shades”), marked by images of a fancied city of sleep for the artist.

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