Collective exhibition of figurative painting in gallery Hartmann Barcelona


Work of Sanmiquel

The gallery Hartmann of Barcelona has in exhibition the collective sample of figurative painting of artists Mapi Gil, Ramón Sanmiquel y Paco García Barcos, that you can visit until September 14.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition is a retrospective in which every artist presents his vision of the human figure, so much in collisions as applied skills.

The proposal: this sample is an example of the validity of the imagining and the body humanized like elements of the painting in the contemporary art. An exhibition to visit, without pierde, so if you have a free weekend, I recommend to you to be going to visit it and he remembers to reserve with time your cheap flights to Barcelona.

The structure of the exhibition is:

Mapi Gil presents the series Topografías, with works with embroideries on cloth, which topics recount to the actuality of our society.

Ramón Sanmiquel presents to us a selection of his work that acts of summary of his trajectory, in which you will be able to see portraits on watercolor and paintings that treat topics like the life and the death.

Paco García Barcos presents The book of the heads, a series in the shape of graphic story that narrates the histories of Anita Diminuta, illustrated personage of Jesus Blasco in the 40.

Place: gallery Hartmann, in Santa Teresa 8 bjs, of Barcelona.

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