Date Big drum and I know famous person with Pepsi

Belong you to these popular lads of whom there think about how to be the center of the holiday? Since this promotion of is for you, it is a question of the campaign Date Big drum of Pepsi, a campaign created to be the center of the universe and to win like the celebrities.

The question is very simple: it is enough to register in the Pepsi web, to raise your videos and photos more cool and fashion to achieve the biggest number of votes. Of course you will not have a problem to obtain the popularity in seconds if you belong to these innate stars.

The elected 40 of Give yourself Big drum of every month they will turn into the new stars of the web, worry that only 22 days stay so that they discover you. Also, with every Pepsi packing you obtain discounts in the shops Springfield of 6 € in every buy and those who take part of Give yourself Big drum they enter the daily drawing of pledges of the mark.

XXX contest of Contemporary art City of Utrera

Until the next April 30 you have time to send works to XXX National Contest of Contemporary art “City of Utrera”, summoned by the Delegation of Culture of the Town hall of Utrera.

National or foreign artists can take part, with skill free and topic, with a format not superior to 2 meters for none of his sides of the paintings. In case of sculptures his base neither will be able to overcome 100 cm for any of his sides, nor will overcome 200 cm high, including stand or base, and will not weigh any more than 50 Kgr. Every participant will be able to compete with a maximum of three works.

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Painting contest Eclipses

The coffee Eclipses of Valladolid he invites the artists to inform of I Contest of Painting Eclipse. The interested parties have until April 1 to present his works in the same coffee.

The only award that will be granted will be 250 euros and the right to exhibit the work of the winning artist in the coffee Eclipses.

The requisites of the work:

1. A painting, of free subject-matter, in linen of 30 x 30 cm, frame in juntillo to protect the work.

2. Delivery point: Coffee Eclipses, in Lope de Vega 1, of Valladolid.

3. Bases and information: 651 90 74 78, with Miguel Asensio.

Arch 2009 begins already

Work of the series Systematic Citizen, of the Indian artist Riyas Komu,

that will be present in ARCH

From February 11 until February 19 we will have the new edition of the fair of Spanish international contemporary art, Arco 2009. With the bogey of the crisis, less galleries and invited countries, Arco 09 will set in shop window from the avant-garde art up to the new tendencies of the contemporary art.

In whole we will have 238 galleries of 32 countries, 79 of Spanish them and with India like the invited country, with the exhibition of the work of 50 artists. The mitigation for Arch 09 will be the presence of artists dedicated like Francis Bacon, Bill Viola, Miquel Barceló and Damien Hirst.

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I compete for the design of the creativity of the Festival VivAmérica

Until February 15 you have time to take part of the Contest for the design of the creativity of the Festival VivAmérica, with the design of the cartel of the festival.

The presented designs will have to reflect the playful and creative spirit of the festival, respecting the diversity of peoples, cultures and sensibilities of Latin America. The winner will receive an award for 8.000 dollars.

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Photos of Alberto García Alix, Spanish photographer

National award of Photo 1999, Alberto García Alix belongs to these contemporary artists with all the letters and with the eye of his slow position in the document of the Spanish urban culture.

Proprietor of a biting and visceral style, 30 years of photo of García Alix exhibit it like these affectionate photographers, in the style of Cartier Bresson, but with the crudeness of the times that they cover. Porno Yonkis, stars, obscene scenes, the loutish eroticism are a part of the artistic trace of García Alix.

“The teeth it is necessary to wash”, campaign of the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health of Spain threw a health plan bucodental in that the Spanish children from 7 to 15 years have the possibility of visiting free the dentist.

The campaign is completed by a commercial, called The teeth it is necessary to wash, so that all the Spanish children create the habit of health of his teeth.

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Throwing of the new Guide Repsol

The new Guide Repsol 2009 incorporates big innovations on the subject of routes, tourism and gastronomy, to enjoy Spain to the maximum.

Between the innovations we have the Handlebar of Routes with Denomination of Origin, with 34 itineraries that continue the footpath of emblematic food of each of the Autonomous regions.

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Exhibition of the installation of Leandro Erlich in Queen Sophia

From today you can visit in National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia the first exhibition of the Argentine artist Leandro Erlich.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition consists of a called installation “The Tower”, constructed in the square of the Enlargement and that has been produced specially for the museum.

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Inaugurated the dome of the UNO of Miquel Barceló (videos)

Yesterday it was the official act of opening of the Room of the Human rights and the Alliance of the Civilizations of the Palace of the Nations of Geneva, the dome, work of Miquel Baceló. Like véis, they all have given themselves appointment: the kings of Spain, the same Barceló and Shoemaker.

In the middle of the row for the cost of the dome and accused suspiciously of “friendly close friend of the president“, the Barceló face before the speech of Don Juan Carlos, who qualified of “impressively, of undoubted creative beauty and expressive force” to the stalactites cave.

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