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“Spain 1957-2007 ″, exhibition that the contemporary Spanish art assembles in Palermo


Palermo has dressed itself with better than the Spanish art of last times. Spain 1957-2007 is monumental ours that it is possible to visit in Palace Sant'Elia of the Italian city and gathers the best contemporary Spanish artists from the group Step up to the transition to the contemporary thing.

In this monographic Spaniard there are works of Picasso, Barceló Looked, Dalí, Chillida, Gordillo, Canogar, Block, Thousands, Team Chronicle, Esther Ferrer, Muñoz, Antotion López, Carlos Paso, Jordi Colomer, Txomin Badiola, for naming some.

The exhibition this structure in 5 sections:

  • Tragic quixotism: works of Daniel Canogar, Rafael Canogar, Team Chronicle, Esther Ferrer, Juan Muñoz, Dionysius González, Francisco Leiro, Txomin Badiola or Jordi Colomer.
  • Pagan mysticism: it groups Jordi Bernad ò, Antonio López, Carlos Pazos or José Suárez.
  • Baroque existentialism: it shows pieces of Eduardo Arroyo, Miquel Barceló, Carmen Calvo, Dalí, Perejaume, Picasso, Jaume Plensa or Isidoro Valcárcel.
  • Hispanic Tenebrismo: it exhibits creations of Thousands, Palazuelo, Hernández Pijuan, Manuel Rivera, Saura and Block.
  • Symbolic - formal abstraction: works of Chillida, Team 57, Luis Gordillo, Looked, Jorge Oteiza, Susana Solano and Juan Uslé.

This sample will be opened the whole period, until September 14.

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