Exhibition of contemporary Galician art in Foundation Rosón Arte Contemporáneo

menchu muds

Work of Menchu Lamas

Galician contemporary art is the explanatory proposal that you will be able to visit this summer in the Foundation Rosón Arte Contemporáneo (RAC) in Pontevedra.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures and facilities for contemporary Galician artists in the last 30 years. Between the artists that you will be able to see there are José Freixanes, Menchu Lamas, Antonio Murado, Alberto Datas, Leopoldo Novoa, Francisco Leiro, Vari Carames, Vicente Blanco and Sofía Jack.

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Exhibition of pop art and conceptual of Jack Pierson in the CAC Malaga

The Center of Contemporary art of Malaga (CAC) receives in his rooms the first individual exhibition of the American artist Jack Pierson.

In this video the sample consists of wall sculptures and photos, in a language that joins the pop art and the conceptual art, which target is to break the barriers of the linguistics to present a message of the contemporary art, which it includes to the whole global village. The exhibition appears with a strong accent in the color, which turns into the narrative element of the works.

Place: CAC Malaga, in Germany without number of Malaga. Opened to the public until September 27.

Popeye, exhibition of the work of Jeff Koons in London


Acrobat 2003-09

Popeye Series is the title of the new exhibition of the kitsch artist Jeff Koons that you can visit this summer in the gallery Serpentine, of Hyde Park of London.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by the most recent work of the king of the kitsch, composed by metal sculptures that reproduce inflatable toys (again the same?) and they are inspired in the cómic personage. Some of the pieces: emphasized? there are a pair of walruses, ducklings that hang by moustaches and a lobster tightrope walker (?).

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Tim Burton, retrospective in the MoMa

watercolor - mars-attacks

Watercolor of the aliens for the movie Mars attacks

Tim Burton, one of the film directors of cult, is the protagonist of the only exhibition that will be realized in the MoMa and will be inaugurated next November 22.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of more 700 objects produced by the same Burton and his collaborators for his movies. Between the jewels, sculptures and drawings of movies are as Mars attacks (1996) and Nightmare before Christmas (1993).

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Juan Muñoz: works of the retrospective of Queen Sophia

The retrospective of Juan Muñoz is one of big exhibitions that we will be able to see this summer in the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia.

In these videos we will see a history of the works that you will be able to see in the visit, the exhibition will be opened until August 31 and one is a magnificent opportunity to meet one of the contemporary artists Spanish that major importance.

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Fernado Boatman in the auction of Latin American art of Christiés

Today it is the day of the auction of Latin American art of Christie's in New York, where his they will finish off four unlike lots of Fernando Botero: two drawings and two sculptures.

Let's see the pieces of our favorite Latin-American artist:

The Family

Signed and dated “Boatman 75 ″ (low right)
Graphite on role
43,2 x 35,2 cm
Executed in 1975
Starting price: 25.000 – 32.000 €

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Time as matter, exhibition of the new works of the collection of the MACBA

Shapolsky et to. Real Manhattan you Be Holdings, to Real Hans Haacke Steals Social System, ace of May 1st, 1971 Collection MACBA,

Time as matter. Collection MACBA. The title of the exhibition is new incorporations that you will be able to see in the Contemporary Art museum of Barcelona (MACBA) this spring and summer.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles the works acquired by the museum throughout last two years, between which artists' pieces stand out like Hans Haacke, Matt Mullican, León Ferrari and David Lamelas, between others. Also it will be possible to visit the finished collection, with 250 works never seen.

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Joan Miró and the feminine image, exhibition in Cultural center Bancaja of Valencia

Joan Miró. Evocation of the feminine image is the title of the exhibition that you can visit in the Cultural center Bancaja of Valencia.

The sample assembles 154 works, which tackle the image of the woman from the look of Joan Miró, between sculptures, paintings, drawings, objects of the workshops of the artist.

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Picasso and the women, exhibition in the Museum Picasso of Malaga

Woman, Cannes, 1961

Picasso and the women is the topic of a new exhibition of Pablo Picasso in the Museum Picasso of Malaga, where the eye puts itself on the sculpture.

What will we be able to see? Woman realized in sheet takes the sample as an enclave point the sculpture in the 60s, and it consists of 40 sculptures, more a work of Henri Matisse and 3 works of Julio González.

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The contradiction in the exhibition of Cai Guo-Qiang in the Guggenheim Bilbao

Not long ago we speak about the exhibition I want to Believe of the Chinese artist I fell down Guo-Qiang in the Guggenheim Bilbao. A very particular artist and perhaps one of the names that more resounds in the international art, since his work tackles one of the concept that it crosses to our epoch: the contradiction and the contrast.

In this video realized by the Guggenheim Bilbao, the police station of the exhibition, Alexandra Munroe, explains the searches of Cai Guo-Qiang to us in the art and the form in which the materials and the forms realize of this search, which finally is the contradiction.

A video in English, but very clear, to approach to understand the form in which this artist captures in contemporary art the contradiction as fundamental element of our culture. The contradiction of life - death, peace - violence, man - woman, past - present, finally in what he conceives like Ying-Yang, like the only truth.

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