Biography of Rosa Torres

This painter and tape recorder was born in Valencia in the year 1948. Due to the career of his father, drawing professor, spent his first twenty years of life in the Basque Country. He studied Fine arts in the School of San Carlos of his hometown. At the beginning of the 70 Chronicle contacted the Valencian avant-gardes, like the Team and the Team Reality.

Chronicle worked like workshop painter with the Team. In 1970-71 there initiated a fruitful relation with the Gallery Rosalía Sender of Madrid, which today it supports. There it realized his first exhibition, and since then it realized 50 individual exhibitions. In 1982 it represented Spain in the Biennial one of Venice.

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Contemporary art and death in the IVAM and Torrent

One way, One ticket is the collective proposal that assembles contemporary artists to be reflected on the death from the life, in simultaneous exhibitions that can be seen in the Valencian Institute of Modern art (IVAM) and in the EMAT of Torrent.

What will we be able to see? The idea is to reflect about the mortal condition of the man from the current art, across the work of artist Christian Boltanski and his installation, which they serve like axis for the artists' works like John Heartfeld, Josep Renau, Antonio Saura, Markus Lupertz, Cristina Lucas, Julio González or Antoni Tàpies, the Team Reality and the Team Chronicle.

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I equip Reality: work of Cardells and Ballester


My tropical palette, 1972

He formed in February, 1966, in Valencia, for the painters Joan Cardells and Jorge Ballester. The stage was initiated by the picture The burial of the student Orgaz.

Both painters met in the university, where they contacted with the artists who were shaping Popular Picture and with theoretical and initiators of the tendency “Chronicle of the Reality”, created by Vicente Aguilera Cerni.

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