The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Team Chronicle

- recinte-1971

The recinte, 1971

An emblematic picture has been the Portuguese ladies in waiting of Velázquez in the international art history and Spanish. It has inspired painters of his epoch in the form of the real portrait and has inspired contemporary and modern artists, as it is that I marry of Team Chronicle.

We have already seen The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Manolo Valdés, a series of beautiful sculptures that were a few years ago inhabiting the streets of Spain, today it is the turn to see the versions and visions of the artistic stamp known as Team Chronicle and his Portuguese ladies in waiting.

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Manolo Valdés and Team Chronicle

First the Team Chronicle and then Manolo Valdés as artist alone, they have been some of the more fruitful exponents of the Spanish contemporary art of last times.

From the memory there comes to us across the video the critique of what was the anthological exhibition of Manolo Valdés in Institute of Modern art of Valencia in 1996, which celebrated 15 years of Valdés like solitary artist, after the Chronic Team dissolution.

In addition to the detail of some works, the valuable of this video there are Valdés's words, his way of doing art, the memories of his life and his history of Team Chronicle.

I walk along the contemporary work of Manolo Valdés

Manolo Valdés is other of our Spanish contemporary artists, proprietor of the only, unmistakable and exquisite style.

Chronic ex-member of the Team, Valdés has been able across his work to reinvent and explore the contemporary art concept in all his facets, so much like sculpture and the diverse forms of the painting.

In this end of agonizing year, nothing better than a few moment of relaxation with a walk (very home-made certainly) for some of his paintings.

Chronic Bolaje of Team in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's

Bolaje or Game of Billiards are the Chronic piece of Team that you will be able to find in the contemporary art auction and of post war that celebrates 11 next Christie's London. This one piece joins the Tàpies already seen ones and I fixed.


Signed and dated «Team Chronicle 77 ″ (in a side); registered person and dated ‘pécghage Man Ray-77 ′ (along the low rim inside)
Cotton balls and collage in the structure of wood painted with crystal Paine
133 x 22.2 x 10.2cm
Executed in 1977
Starting price: 5.700 – 8.100 euros

This piece is somewhat only, since this luck of sculpture – installation, seldom one has seen in auctions and at a very accessible price.

Spanish current art, exhibition in the Contemporary Art museum of Madrid

Sleep, for Félix Revello of Bull

Meetings with the Current Art. Painters and Spanish sculptors there is the title of the proposal that you can visit in the Contemporary Art museum of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition assembles more than 70 Spanish artists of last 50 years, like Antoni Tàpies, Luis Feito, Team Chronicle, for naming some. The exhibited works are paintings and sculptures.

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Works of Manolo Valdés and Team Chronicle in the Sotheby's auction

We continue with the detail of the Spanish artists who take part in the auction of poetical and symbolic European art of Sohteby's, to be realized on November 12. Now there is the shift of Manolo Valdés and Team a Chronicle.

Of Valdés we have The Rembrant palette

Oil s/lienzo seated in role
100 x 81 cm
Signed Valdés in the reverse
Starting price: 73.600 – 98.200 euros

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Contemporary art and death in the IVAM and Torrent

One way, One ticket is the collective proposal that assembles contemporary artists to be reflected on the death from the life, in simultaneous exhibitions that can be seen in the Valencian Institute of Modern art (IVAM) and in the EMAT of Torrent.

What will we be able to see? The idea is to reflect about the mortal condition of the man from the current art, across the work of artist Christian Boltanski and his installation, which they serve like axis for the artists' works like John Heartfeld, Josep Renau, Antonio Saura, Markus Lupertz, Cristina Lucas, Julio González or Antoni Tàpies, the Team Reality and the Team Chronicle.

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Thriller, Gentleman and Count duke, the Team paintings Chronicle in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

Team Chronicle says present in the big auction of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid (2 of cotubre, Westin Palace) with three really beautiful paintings, very representative of what I consider to be “the real contemporary art“.


Acrylic on linen
80 x 95 cm
Origin: Private collection, Barcelona
Starting price: 50.000 – 80.000 euros

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Advance of the auction V anniversary of Christiés Madrid

On October 2 the division of Madrid of Christie's celebrates his 5 years of life in the country with an auction that promises to mark milestones in the Spanish art. The lot covers with stars The Cat is Rosa de Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, whose estimation is placed between the 1,5 to 2 million euros.

The lots of this annual auction will be of ancient painting, painting of the XIXth century, impressionism and Spanish contemporary art.

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Works of the exhibition Forgetting Velázquez

A few months ago we were announcing the retrospective Forgetting Velázquez: The Portuguese ladies in waiting, the collective explanatory proposal of the Museum Picasso of Barcelona. This sample can be visited until September 28 and if you have not done yet it, we hope that this video should convince you.

Undoubtedly, the Gernika, The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Velázquez are of these works that they are destined to do history and this way it is demonstrated by this one collective in which big exponents of the art history like Picasso, Dalí, Team Chronicle or Michael Craig-Martin return on this picture, updating his beauty and subject-matter in different looks.

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