“Calculable forms”, an exhibition that established the precedents of net art Spanish

Changes on a figure imposible1968OrdenadorIBM1090

Changes on an impossible figure. 1968. Ordering IBM 1090.

Under the title calculable Forms, in 1969 the first exhibition was realized in Spain of plastic forms generated by computer, marking the precedents of net art in Spain.

The exhibition was born of the Seminar of Automatic Generation of Plastic Forms of the year 1968. Calculable forms it gave place in the Computer center of the University of Madrid, there were carried out the first works in which art and computer fused.

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Artistic movements: I equip 57


CO-57. Oil on linen (1957)

In May, 1957 in Paris there is created the group Equipo 57, formed by resident Spanish in France. In a beginning the members were Jorge Oteiza, Ángel Duarte, José Duarte, Juan Serrano and Agustín Ibarrola.

The same year publishes that a manifesto which Oteiza considers ingenuously and the completely oppositely to his artistic ideal, therefore the group decides to stop. To a little time there integrate Luis and Francisco Aguilera, Juan Cuenca y Néstor Basterrechea, although the two first ones would go away in 1958 to found Team Space.

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