Lines of high precision, work of Enrique Brinkmann in the Durán auction

The house Durán of Madrid realizes from tomorrow to 18, three auctions meetings with very diverse lots, so much of art of all kinds, as furniture and objects of decoration. In the contemporary art section we emphasize the lot of Enrique Brinkmann:

Lines of high precision

Technical mixed steel s/malla
56 x 66 cm
Signed: Brinkmann 2003 in the frame
Starting price: 3.250 euros

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Biography of Enrique Brinkmann


Message I
Etching, aquatint, puntaseca, 32,5 x 69 cm stains, 63 x 92 cm supports.

If you are going to see the exhibition of Enrique Brinkmann in Malaga, it is not of any more that you know any information of his life and trajectory. He was born in Malaga in the year 1938. At the age of 17 it began to do of self-educated form, being outstanding the influence literature of Edgar Allan Poe, Frank Kafka and the European literary avant-garde.

In 1956 it formed along with other artists the group Picasso, in Malaga. On the following year, in the same city, it realized his first exhibition. Also he collaborated with the M.A.M. (Artistic movement of the Mediterranean).

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Big exhibition of Enrique Brinkmann in Malaga


Tomorrow the big exhibition of Enrique Brinkmann is inaugurated. The appointment is in the of Malaga gallery GACMA and the sample will be two months opened in the public, that is to say until June 18.

The exhibition is assembled by the recent work of the of Malaga artist with pieces that stand out for the use of metallic mesh like support, in addition to paintings and drawings.

Since you know, the work of Brinkmann is framed inside the area of the surrealism, with a special interest in the literature of avant-garde and the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Frank Kafka. This is the almost only opportunity to see the work of one of the big artists, precursor of the Spanish, and still living contemporary art.

Orange tree, Brinkmann, Picasso and Ginovart in the auction of Bilbao XXI

The room Bilbao XXI will celebrate from today until March 6 several meetings of auction between which we emphasize those of painting and some of our favorites of the Spanish art: Eduardo Naranjo, Pablo Picasso, Enrique Brinkmann and José Ginovart, all at prices more than accessible for the modest pockets.

Let's begin with Ginovart and Without title


Signed: Guinovart 74
Etching 18/125
29×19 cm
Starting price: 200 €

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Good occasion: Enrique Brinkmann

Enrique Brinkmann is a somewhat peculiar case in the Spanish painting. We might consider him that an emergent artist despite not being a young value (Malaga 1938) for any years his work has begun being interested in me with more force and is one of the artists that I have in agenda like “earrings of acquiring work”.

Brinkmann is a painter self-educated, that begins to do at the age of 16 and of young man it resides and forms in Germany and Italy. His work is in private collections and museums of the whole Europe and has been the First Award of Drawing in the autumn Lounge of the Haus der Lunst and Medal of Painting in the Exhibition of Contemporary art.

In the next auction of Ansorena, which since we have been commenting is going a long way very much and is undoubtedly the best offer of painting of the month, an interesting work of Brinkmann appears at a very low starting price, which undoubtedly will be covered with biddings.


“Without title”
Oil on Linen
112 x 143 cm
Exit: 1.800€ to Keep on reading»

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