Star War, the exhibition of the saga in Art Channel

Star War: The exhibition is the name of the sample that you can visit in Art Channel Madrid until next March 15.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition consists of 245 original pieces of the most famous saga of George Lucas. The authentic ones R2D2 and C-3PO are the hosts whom first you will meet at the entry of the sample.

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In the bed, the theatrical version of the Chilean movie

In the bed it was the title of a good movie of the Chilean director Matías Bize, winner in 2007 from the Goya to the Best Foreign Movie in Hispanic Speech.

Since now it will have his theatrical version directed by Tamzin Townsend and led by the beauty Maria Esteve and Roberto San Martín. The premiere will be September 17 in the Theater Lara de Madrid.

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Love Factory for new Ford Fiesta

The new model of Ford Fiesta is not one more car, that the company has been in charge of granting him soul and love to this new version from Holiday Love Factory, the web where you can see the technical and human process.

Passion, love and a few beautiful women, they have given the final acabo to this new Ford Fiesta, who is provided with innovative reforms inside and exterior faithful to the quality of service of quite Ford.

Advance of the auction V anniversary of Christiés Madrid

On October 2 the division of Madrid of Christie's celebrates his 5 years of life in the country with an auction that promises to mark milestones in the Spanish art. The lot covers with stars The Cat is Rosa de Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, whose estimation is placed between the 1,5 to 2 million euros.

The lots of this annual auction will be of ancient painting, painting of the XIXth century, impressionism and Spanish contemporary art.

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University Alfonso X, a university education waits for you

If yours the architecture is, since you must choose for a university that offers you a training at a height of the circumstances of our time.

The surest option is you have it in the Polytechnical School of the University Alfonso X, which is provided with an excellent program in Architecture, Technical Architecture and Industrial design, with his postgraduate courses offers for both disciplines.

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Bodies, the exhibition will be in Madrid until September

If you still did not visit it, this is your opportunity: Bodies, the exhibition will be opened for the public of Madrid until September 28, for the good reception that it has had between the public.

Let's remember that the exhibition should have finished 13 next, but it has received 190.000 persons and the waiting-list is still long, over which his exhibition time spread. How they know this exhibition with real corpses it is so hated as praised, but see the report of TeleMadrid (nothing impartial certainly).
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Coca-Cola is sick to the 80

For whom we have 30 and slightly more, this marvelous commercial of Coca-Cola is sick to us to the golden years of our first youth (now we are only in the second one, ja!), where the Spandau Gold ballet, the mythical party Spain - Malta, Loquillo and Mayra Gómez Kemp, for naming some, were the usual codes.

Live through the 80!

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“Art / action China”, video cycle in Queen Sophia

Work of Ai Wei Wei

If you like the Chinese contemporary art, which is in full climax, you cannot allow seeing this cycle of proyeccciones of interviews realized between 2005, 2006 and 2007 in Peking.

The appointment is the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia until July 16. Especially the material centers on the development of the art linked to the action and to the photo. In the audiovisual material one interviews the proper artists, who explain the relation of his work with the political, social and town-planning changes of the country, simultaneously that reveal the creative process of his artistic proposals.

For the consultation of the program, you can bend the finished program.

The case Guillermo Vargas Habacuc

Turning for Youtube and with the sting that this personage has left to me, I speak about Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, I have found more than 30 videos where the persons answer in alive to the bloodthirsty act that this supposed artist realized with Nativity, a bitch of the street, on having allowed her to die of famine in an exhibition.

In addition to the people saying with his row what thinks about this contemporary art piece, there is another fistful of videos of the agony of the animal, something quite curious for the case, because only it was enough from him to take the cord and to make her free.
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Everything is a bull, the web to leave your opinion about the victory of Spain

Photo: EFE

Cannot you believe yet it? Since man!, the Spanish Selection lifted with the Euro Cup 2008, yes, yes and after so many years of waiting the team of Luis Aragonés expired with the promise that today is a reality.

Not words for this happiness and if you have already remained without voice of so much breathing to your T-shirt, what you have left is to write what you feel and think with this victory in the web that Everything is a bull, a space dedicated for the real fans of The Fury.

Say to the Child Towers, to Castile, to Aragonese, who should like what provokes in your heart this passion that The Fury has untied in the Spanish people: to be the champions of Europe!

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