The exercise of the look, workshop of photo with Navia


Photo of Navia

The exercise of the look is the workshop of photo of the photographer Navia, who will be carried out in the rural accommodation The Cercadillo, in the Place of Pictures in full Nature reserve of Saw Mágina in the locality of Bedmar (Jaen).

The workshop has the coexistence form for 5 days, from October 14 until next October 18, and it is faced to students, professionals and public in general, interested in the photo.

The work lines in the workshop are:

  1. Visionado and analysis of some photographic projects so much of the history of the photo as of the author.
  2. Analysis on the edition of concrete works presented by the participants in the workshop.
  3. Visionado of other complementary materials contributed to the workshop: magazines, books, audio-visual, etc.
  4. Constant discussion, debate and participation.
The cost of the workshop is 550 €, it includes accommodation and full board. For the inscription you must communicate 958 27 52 39 – 658 70 82 64 or

He remembers that if you are going to take part of the workshop and know the mountainous scenery of Jaen, it reserves your flights in advance to enjoy cheap trips.

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