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The desire, exhibition of photos of Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos

The desire is the title of the new exhibition of the Spanish photographer Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos that you can visit in the Center of Image EFTI of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of portraits of the inhabitants of Havana and Santo Domingo, in an exhibition that reflects the way of feeling and of living through the world of the inhabitants of these cities from the cautious close friend of Díaz Burgos.

The proposal: the exhibition not only reflects the face of the inhabitants of Havana and Santo Domingo, but in game personalísimo, the Spanish photographer immerses us in every snapshot in the ambience of life of the personages. Seduction, romance, kisses, hugs, swinging of the hips of hips and white hot physical approaches are the material that they nourish of life to these photos.

Who is it? Díaz Burgos is a Spanish photographer, whose work is characterized by the Latin-American portrait. It is provided with more than 60 individual exhibitions, 15 books on photo and the publication of his work in specializing magazines of Mexico, the USA, Germany and France. His work has been seen in the Contemporary Art museum of Chicago, the House of America in Madrid or the Gallery VHS, of Stuttgart (Germany). He has traveled round Peru, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, but his favorite places seem to be Havana and Santo Domingo.

Place: Center of Image EFTI, in Fuenterrabía 4 and 6 of Madrid.

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  1. ElMexicodelosmexicanos

    ! This is undoubtedly a big exhibition!
    From here we would like announcing also a popular culture project designed to produce homage to the spirit and the only character of Mexico and his people.

    The photographic contest The Mexico of the Mexicans
    it will reward the photos that better illustrate the modern Mexico, his ground, his people, every day, the events and culture of the diverse regions of the country.

    This photographic contest is opened to national and international participants. Last day to take part is June 12, 2009 and 125 thousand dollars will be granted in awards.

    You can find all the information in the following linkage:

    A greeting

    1. nacho

      hello very good estasa photos seem to me wapisimas me molaria aser I photos how are you or to have photos of these in i kas teacher if you read esrto kiero k know k you are a geni hechando photos and you are a makina ok I am nacho.weno a kiss and saluidos look after

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