Contemporary realism, exhibition in the Aragonese Artistic Group

Eduardo Naranjo
Laura acontraluz
Graphite on role

Contemporary realism – Something more than realism … II is the title of the explanatory proposal that is inaugurated on November 21 in the Aragonese Artistic Group.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 24 artists, who will exhibit a whole of 25 paintings and a sculpture. The contemporary Spanish artists of this exhibition belong mostly to the gallery ArteLibre, with names of the size Oscar Villalón, Teresa Lapayese, Edgar Mendoza, Paco Segovia and José Enrique González, between others. As guests are Eduardo Naranjo and Carlos Saura.

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What does when does Eduardo Naranjo travel?

Seldom we have the pleasure in reading interviews to big Spanish artists and less speaking about his trips, but the summer and the holidays deserve to know the life of the painters.

The publication Today has interviewed Eduardo Naranjo, in a very light text (since if it had the opportunity of a chat with Orange tree he would not know where to start, but good), but well it costs to know what the realistic painter does during his trips and which some of his preferences are.

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Representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matíaas Quetglas.

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matías Quetglas.

As representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism we find a numerous group of authors who have devoted themselves to realize hyperrealistic works; authors who have realized hyperrealistic works without stopping realizing realistic works; and contemporary authors, young values or new promises inside the hyperrealistic production.

The Spanish hyper-realism is provided with a big number of consecrated authors. The School of Seville is represented by Juan Bautista Nieto, Cristóbal Toral and Eduardo Naranjo; and the School of Madrid, for Antonio López, Enrique Jiménez Carrero, Elizabeth Quintanilla, and Matías Quetglas.

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Spanish hyper-realism

Wash-basin. 1967. Antonio López García.

Wash-basin. 1967. Antonio López García.

The hyper-realism is an artistic tendency born variant of the realism in the United States on the sixties, consisting of the perfection of the mastery of the drawing and the representation exaggeratedly faithful of the reality, up to a radical point realized with a big thoroughness.

The Spanish hyper-realism has a place emphasized inside the artistic panorama. Basically we find two schools inside the Spanish hyper-realism, the School of Seville headed by Eduardo Naranjo; and the School of Madrid, headed by Antonio López García.

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Graphic work to auction: Block, Christo, Chillida and Orange tree

The room Appolo (July 23 at 7 p.m.) brings over to us the possibility of having a piece of the best contemporary artists with this auction of graphic works. The best of this auction is that the lots are below 1.000 euros, for which it is allowed to many modest pockets to do with pieces of Antoni Tápies, Christo, Eduardo Chillida or Eduardo Naranjo, for naming some.

Let's see some of the lots that more I liked:

The door, of Eduardo Naranjo

Signed: Orange tree to pencil
18 / 100 lithographs
Measurements: 50 x 35 cm
Starting price: 600 EUR

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Eduardo Naranjo donates “The sleep of the muses” to Queen Sophia

The collection of the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia has had a new acquisition, that we see her as marvelous: Eduardo Naranjo, our favorite Spanish painter, has donated his picture The sleep of the muses.

This picture is not one any more in the collection, but it is one of the most famous and exquisite pictures of Orange tree, identical with 1979 and belonging to the period in which Orange tree liked the interior scenes, with a poetic art intimist of high flight. Also The sleep of the muses is of the Orange tree picture that more it has been exhibited in exhibitions of the whole world.

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Gallery of pictures of Eduardo Naranjo


Eduardo Naranjo is one of the painters who better has been able to find his way in the Spanish hyper-realism. This not desmerece the style of the others, but what individual turns the work of Orange tree is this luck of mirage, of secret fold that there raise some of his most realistic portraits.

The phantasmagoric break of the figure, this disposition almost acechante of the personages of his pictures returns with certain mystery aura to the look of the spectator. Here a gallery of the pictures of Orange tree that more achieve this sensation to my look.

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Chillida, Orange tree, Sorolla and others give themselves appointment with the drawing


Drawing of Chillida.

He quotes with the drawing it is the exhibition that there is in exhibition in the gallery municial Space of Art of Olías of the King, Toledo. The sample is assembled under the skill of the drawing to Spanish artists of the size of Eduardo Naranjo, Eduardo Chillida, Joaquín Sorrolla, Of Haes, Bravely, by Rodríguez Núñez, of the Rivers, Santibañez and Gracefully.

Pitifully we do not have any more information than this one, but we imagine that it will be an exhibition of those that it is necessary to go to see. The sample will be able to be visited until April 19 in the street Hígares, local Cándalo.

Orange tree, Brinkmann, Picasso and Ginovart in the auction of Bilbao XXI

The room Bilbao XXI will celebrate from today until March 6 several meetings of auction between which we emphasize those of painting and some of our favorites of the Spanish art: Eduardo Naranjo, Pablo Picasso, Enrique Brinkmann and José Ginovart, all at prices more than accessible for the modest pockets.

Let's begin with Ginovart and Without title


Signed: Guinovart 74
Etching 18/125
29×19 cm
Starting price: 200 €

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I walk along the work of Eduardo Naranjo

If about hyper-realism we speak, Eduardo Naranjo is for my taste the best contemporary Spanish hyperrealistic painter. The subject-matters that it tackles and the skill are not alone of a resounding perfection, but they bring us a bonus in which many sensations and sensibilities become condensed.

The putting in look of the work of Orange tree is a bet to the complexity and the disturbance from a form of representation that to the first glance seems simple.

I leave this video to you with a pictures selection with two targets: to captivate once again all those who like Orange tree and to seduce all those that still do not know it.

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