The póetica of the role, exhibition of Eduardo Chillida in Paraguay


The poetic art of the role is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish contemporary artist, Eduardo Chillida, which they will be able to see for the first time the public of the Paraguay in exhibition in the rooms of the Cultural center of Spain Juan de Salazar of Asunción.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a score of works of Chillida, produced in role like the principal support, printing engravings, gravitations and drawings.

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Balclis Mini, auction of art 2009

Next July 15 and 16 Balclis it realizes two meetings of the auction of art and furniture Balclis Mini, whose target is to offer works of art, furniture, objects and jewels at very accessible prices, from 100 €.

In this auction you will be able to find more than 1300 lots, between paintings, antiquities, furniture and jewels, without suda an exceptional appointment to acquire some valued article. We have selected some works of the present Spanish contemporary artists in the auction, as:

Hats, of Eduardo Úrculo


It lithographs of 56×46 cm
Signed and numbered 39/75, dated in 1994
Starting price: 175 €

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Spanish art in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

We already dedicate an exclusive entry to the work of Antoni Tàpies, the Spanish artist with more works in the Sotheby's auction, now it is the moment to see the work of other contemporary Spanish artists who also are present in the auction of contemporary art that will be realized on June 26 in London:

Homage to Saint John of the Cross, for Eduardo Chillida

homage - chillida

23 for 20 cm
Ink and collage of role with chain
Signed, and the inscription with the monogram of the artist
Executed in 1991
Starting price: 26.000 – 33.000 €

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Big spring auction in Fernando Durán

On April 1 and 2 the auction house Fernando Durán will realize the Big spring Auction in which you will be able to find jewels, furnitures, objects of decoration, painting, graphic work and sculpture of Spanish and international artists, with a whole of 943 pieces.

Today will see some of the Spanish contemporary artists with his most out-standing lots:


Etching signed and numbered H.C. 11/15 to pencil
Measurements: 34 x 43 cm
Starting price: 450 €

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“Eduardo Chillida. On what I do not know”, I free of the Spanish artist

Eduardo Chillida. On what I do not know” it is the new luxurious book that never tackles the Spanish artist from a perspective earlier seen.

The luxurious edition of the book of Chillida not only gathers his graphic work, but also the texts have been written by him, from the compilation and selection of phrases of his notebooks of notes.

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Contemporary art in Arch 2009

Boatman's sculpture

In walk along Arch 2009, he is sick to some contemporary artists that we follow in Artespain. Here the works and consecrated artists of the Spanish ambience, like Antoni Tàpies, Jaume Plensa, Eduardo Chillida y Miquel Barceló.

Of the international ambience, a fabulous sculpture of Fernando Botero, the most recognized Colombian artist on a global scale. I hope that you should like this works selection.

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The comb of the winds honored in the Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao

The Comb of the Winds is perhaps one of the biggest works of Eduardo Chillida. Located in the Bay of the Conch, at the end of the beach Ondarreta, it is a set of 3 sculptures in full interaction with the waves, which break violent against the rocks. A beautiful, beautiful spectacle.

To 30 years of his creation, the Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao produces homage with the exhibition Chillida. Comb of the Wind: Sculpture, Engineering and Architecture, which there assembles a multidisciplinary set of pieces that realize of his creation.

The sample consists of photos, planes, works on role and sculptures that realize of the creative process of The Comb of the Winds. The exhibition will be able to visit until March 15 in Square of the Museum 2 of Bilbao.

It acts in role of Eduardo Chillida

The artist of San Sebastian, Eduardo Chillida, is one of the big Spanish artists of the XXth century.

Recognized his talent in the sculpture, where many of his pieces intergesticulate with the environment, like The comb of the winds, in this video we will see his production in role, characterized by the use of the abstract forms in black and some drawings to raised hand.

The best of the contemporary art of 2008

Work of Lucio Muñoz in the exhibition Silencis

Since we are of memoirs of the best thing and the worst thing, in Art Spain we have selected 5 facts of the contemporary art of 2008 that he is worth while remembering:

1. This position touches the exhibition Silencis in the Monastery of Siloes, that Carlos Franco assembled 24 Spanish contemporary artists, between them to Antoni Tàpies, José Maria Sicilia, Joan Miró, José Manuel Broto, Esteban Vicente, Miquel Barceló, Cristino de Vera, Susana Solano, Albert Rafols-Casamada, Martin Chirino, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Sergi Aguilar, Sergio Belinchón, Manuel Rivera, Eduardo Chillida, Manolo Millares, Juan Carlos Savater, Lucio Muñoz, Miguel Ángel Blanco, Carmen Laffón, Gustavo Torner, Xavier Mascaró and Francesc Ruiz. This way 8 years of exhibition were celebrated in Siloes.

2. The exhibition of Elizabeth Peyton in New York, the young and international contemporary artist that more we like, both in the pictorial language and in the subject-matter that it tackles.

3. The exhibition Machines and Souls of the Museum Queen Sophia, who assembled for the first time in this space, to the creators of the contemporary art and the new technologies, beginning a big way for the institutional legitimization of the average art, net art, digital art and vídeoarte.

4. The retrospective of Juan Muñoz in the Guggenheim Bilbao, which there assembled big part of the work of this so valued Spanish artist.

5. The exhibition Works Graph 10 The Country in the gallery Marlborough, with works in artist's engraving as Eduardo Arroyo, José Manuel Broto, Rafael Canogar, Martín Chirino, Juan Genovés, Luis Gordillo, Cristina Iglesias, Antonio López García, Jaume Plensa and Manolo Valdés.

Works of Eduardo Chillida in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

The house Sotheby's realizes on December 10 the first meeting of the auction of contemporary art in Paris, where three Spanish artists take part: Antoni Clavé, Antoni Tàpies and Eduardo Chillida, let's see the lots of the útlimo:

Terre cuite chamoitté

21 x 28 x 12,5 cm
Sculpture in clay chamottée
Signed monogram
Executed in 1998.
This work is registered by the number 1998.018 in the File of the Museum Chillida-Leku
Starting price: 90.000 to 120.000 euros

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