It transfers your domain to 0 €


Sync offers the service of transference of domain to zero cost and for an extension year for those who already have his record of proper domain or look direccionar for his domain in a free servant.

This service of transference of domain is applicable for the domains.Com.Biz.Net.Org and.Info. The Sync bundle to transfer domains includes:

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It registers your domain for 6,99 €


Sync is one of the most reliable services for those who think about how to register his domains. Since you know, at the time of having a blog or web page the best thing is to have a proper domain, this way you can promote your project, be already a hobby or of work.

To have a proper domain is a fundamental tool for the artists, since not only they manage to have a shop window of his work in the web, but make to know his name.

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