Exhibition of photos of Helmut Newton in gallery The Factory

On October 30 the gallery The Factory Madrid will inaugurate an exhibition devoted to the photographer Helmut Newton.

What will we be able to see? The sample gathers a wide repertoire of the photo of nude and erotic, that characterized the work of Newton. In her there stand out the series Ciberwoman and Special Collection.

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Video: Sue Tilley, the model of the picture of Freud qur will break the auction record

At the beginning of week we speak about the picture of Lucian Freud, Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, which will have a price from 16 to 22 million euros in Christie's (35 million dollars).

One hopes that the picture should break the auction record in auction of a living author, but not only Freud is the big protagonist because as they see the video, we have his exuberant model, Sue Tilley, a common clerk who only received 20 pounds for posing and that confesses to be satisfied with the nude.

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A nude of Lucian Freud might break the sale records in auctions


It is a question of Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, a picture in which one paints the portrait of the nude of a voluptuous woman, called Sue Tilley. The picture was painted by Lucian Freud in 1995 and now it will be the lot it covers with stars of the auction of May 13 in Christie's.

It is believed that the work will sell between 16 and 22 million euros, what would be a sales record on the market of the art for an artist who still lives. Also, the work belongs to a private collector and it is the first time that will enter the public bidding.

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