Biography of Antoni Muntadas

Antoni Muntadas

Antoni Muntadas

The Catalan author Antoni Muntadas is at present one of the netartistas and videoartistas more out-standing. His work reflects a big human and analytical capacity, doubting diverse social questions; and it demonstrates a special interest in the communication, the system of the world of the art, the social and cultural criticism, the translation of the information and the denunciation. His work is loaded with reflection.

This audio-visual artist is born in Barcelona in the year 1942. He studied Industrial Engineering in the city of Barcelona. In the decade of the seventies he went to live to New York. Muntadas has received numerous awards and scholarships, in addition to having given classes in different universities.

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Chernóbil, of Jaume Pitarch

Perhaps today more that the contemporary art is never a denunciation, it is an open history of the reality that surrounds it and includes. Corresponding to this premise, the artist of Barcelona Jaume Pitarch realized his work Chernóbil.

Taking the Russian traditional doll as a support matrioshka, Pitarch shows us a new representation (cruelly real perhaps) of the doll after the nuclear Chernóbil accident.

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Cambodian artists exhibit the “art of surviving”

Photo: Jordi Calvet

The art of surviving is the title of this exhibition of dye informer in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

The sample is assembled by the work of 40 Cambodian artists who capture the horror lived during the diet of Jemer Rojo, which killed 14.000 persons.

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Abu Ghrabi-El Circo”, the political exhibition of Boatman comes to the IVAM


After a long tour all over the world, the most political exhibition of Fernando Botero comes to Spain. We are speaking about Abu Ghrabi-El Circus, a double sample that gathers paintings informers of the torture in the city iraki and a collection of unpublished works.

Of Abu Ghrabi we will be able to see 49 works of the exhibition, where the humiliated and mutilated body is the center of the attention and which denounces the atrocities committed by the American soldiers in the occupation of Iraq. In Circus we will see 46 unpublished pieces.

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New Banksy grafiti against the public alertness in London


He believes that this graffito that prays “A nation under CCTV” is a work of Banksy, the controversial British grafitero. the work is a criticism of the system restricto of alertness with cameras that is applied in the streets of London, which if he was the Big Brother of 1984.

The work, which is not one of the best, shows to boy painting the condemnation, while a guard watches it. Curiously, next to the graffito there is a safety camera. Beyond that the photo does not allow us to see well, for the type of drawing really more it obviated that the piece belongs to Banksy.

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Western and Christian civilization from the look of León Ferrari


The Western and Christian Civilization, 1965

Perhaps they all do not meet León Ferrari, the artist and winning Argentine sculptor of the León of Gold in the last edition of the Biennial one of Venezia. If earlier they have not listened to him, since now they have an excuse to look for his work.

According to the New York Steal, Ferrari “is one of five most provocative and important living plastic artists“, beyond this qualification that legitimizes it, Ferrari's work fulfills like few ones a denunciation function in three axes: the wars, all the forms of the intolerance and the catholic church.

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The Colombian violence dresses from the Boatman's eyes


For the first time in Europe there is exhibited this series of paintings of Fernando Botero, who checks a furtive look on the violence and the pain that crosses the Colombian people. The exhibition assembles 25 oils and 42 drawings that report the daily drama of the Colombians between 1999 and 2004.

Not long ago we have seen in Artespain the Boatman's exhibition on the abuses of the American soldiers in the city iraki of Abu Ghraib, since in this delivery Boatman returns with the political function of the art, denouncing from the crudeness of the picture, the horror of violence, drug trafficking, sequestrations and alienation of Colombia.

After having being seen in Alicante, Valencia and Palma, the sample can turn until January 27 in The Hammer of Murcia, located in the Square of Spain.

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Three sharp caricaturists: William Hogarth, George Grosz y Luís Bagaria


Drawing of Luís Bagaria

The illustrious caricaturists of the social denunciation were joined in an exhibition that checks the history of the political caricature and his aptitude to question the reality. The sample can be visited in the Valencian Museum of the Enlightenment and the Modernity until February 3.

In her it will be possible to see the works most representative of these pioneers of the caricature: with Hogarth (1697-1764) we will attend at the tone moralist, with Grosz (1893-1959) to a wild satirismo, while Bagaria (1882-1940) will give us a brutal irony. The pieces gathered in the sample are the expression of an accurate criticism of the bourgeoisie and the systems of tyrannical governments.

Three artists knew the censoring, the exile and the pursuit for the content of his works, in addition to which Hogarth as teacher and Grosz and Bagaria like his disciples were the precursors that there sat the bases of the caricature and the modern drawing as forms of social denunciation.

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Santiago Sierra unties the polemic in London for his exhibition of “shits“


Santiago Sierra is a young artist of Madrid who has faced the arduous task of denouncing the problematic most pressing of our time, like the development in the encompassed capitalism.

It is as well as one waits for a polemic for the opening of his new exhibition in the gallery Lisson of London, where between others, we will be able to see an installation with 21 modules done with human feces gathered in the India. To keep on reading»

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