Damien Hirst: you act in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

On June 25 and 26, Sotheby's realizes the summer contemporary art auction in his head office of London, with more than 100 lots that international contemporaries assemble to the best artist.

In Art Spain we will see every artist and his works, today it is the shift of polemic Damien Hirst, the best quoted British artist:


homage - a-un-gobierno

Butterflies and home-loving sheens on linen of the artist in the frame
Executed in 2006
Measured with frame: 238.8 208.3 cm
Starting price: 580.000 – 928.000 €

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Murakami, Hirst and Koons in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's

On March 17 Christie's realizes an auction of contemporary art, which collection will go for the association AVEC that fights against the cancer. In the auction we will have contemporary artists like Koons, Hirst and Murakami, between others, and of whom we will see the lots:


Signed and dated “Murakami 08 ′
Acrylic and platinum sheet on linen mounted in a frame of aluminum
150 x 150 x 5 cm
Executed in 2008. A certificate of authenticity of Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. will be dedicated to the buyer.

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Arch 2009: works of art you cover with stars to auction

Study from the Human Body of Francis Bacon

Yesterday Arch 2009 opened his doors to the expert public, like collectors, press, authorities and businessmen, all of them with the hope to find contemporary art at good prices in crisis times. Today it will be the big opening.

Here an advance of the big works and artists, national and international, that you will be able to see in Arch 2009, and if the pocket allows it to you, to buy them:

  • Study from the Human Body of Francis Bacon
    I boast: 15.700.00 euros
  • Big Nude (1959) of Antonio Saura
    I boast 900.000 euros
  • Victory Over Death of Damien Hirst, price to request in the gallery
  • Works of videoarte of Bill Viola, catalog of works to request in the gallery

Arch 2009 begins already

Work of the series Systematic Citizen, of the Indian artist Riyas Komu,

that will be present in ARCH

From February 11 until February 19 we will have the new edition of the fair of Spanish international contemporary art, Arco 2009. With the bogey of the crisis, less galleries and invited countries, Arco 09 will set in shop window from the avant-garde art up to the new tendencies of the contemporary art.

In whole we will have 238 galleries of 32 countries, 79 of Spanish them and with India like the invited country, with the exhibition of the work of 50 artists. The mitigation for Arch 09 will be the presence of artists dedicated like Francis Bacon, Bill Viola, Miquel Barceló and Damien Hirst.

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Saatchi's Best Of British, reality of contemporary artists

The contemporary art has succumbed to the fashion of the realities and the chain BBC2 will be whom there will express Saatchi's Best Of British, an artists' reality to find the new star of the British contemporary art.

The thing me sounds very very commercially, but we go that in the vineyard of the gentleman there is for everything. The case is that reality is impelled by it by the businessman of art Charles Saatachi, who has been able to turn into gold Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

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The best auctions of 2008

Madrid from White Towers, of Antonio López

Without doubts last months of this 2008, the auctions market suffered the consequences of the crisis, seeing his sales affected, so much in Spain as on a global scale.

But 2008 has been a long year and like all to had his pleasant surprises in auctions and now they go the best auction of 2008, according to Art Spain.

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Works of Damien Hirst in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's

The sobrevaluado Damien Hirst could not be absent of the contemporary art auction and of post war of Christie's London. Let's see his works:

Basic Happy head with

Signed "Damien Hirst"
Hearth shone in the resin painting skull and wooden base
25,4 x 22,2 x 22.2cm
Executed in 2007, this work is of an edition of ten only works
Starting price: 34.400 – 45.900 euros

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Mark Leckey is the winner of the Award Turner de la Tate Britain

“Industrialist Light and Magic
Him Consortium, Dijon

After the controversy thrown to the beginning of the artists of the Turner, today finally we have the winner: Mark Leckey, an English artist who says (with certain ínfula) to be “the best current artist of the United Kingdom”.

Leckey awards 25.000 pounds of the award for the exhibitions Industrialist Light and Magic and Resident, which took place in Dijon and Cologne.

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Sín title AAAAAAA, acts of Damien Hirst in the auction of Christie's

Damien Hirst also is present in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's London, where they happen the principal current international artists quote, with a strong presence of the Asians.

The work of Hirst is similar to Lullaby Spring, which was a sale record until May of this year, when it was overthrown by the work of Lucian Freud:

Without Title AAAAAAA

MDF, Malamine, wood, glass, steel and bottles of drugs
77,8 x 101,6 x 23cm
Executed in 1992
Starting price: 321.000 – 450.000 euros

The golden calf of Damien Hirst was finished off by 13 million euros

Damien Hirst did not manage to give the note of record of auction and his golden calf sold yesterday for 13 million euros, in Sotheby's. The curious of this first direct auction of the work of Hirst is that the same has been a success because the whole of sold works reached 90 million euros.

Of course, his historical dealers (because they have always been the intermediaries) owe to be sorry about this astronomical collection of the first auction of the work of Hirst that is realized straight without mediation. Let's remember that Hirst belongs to the most quoted artists and good business for the dealers, who in other times, were managing to remain with 50 to 60 % of the final price of the sold works.

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