Vent It, last work of Jonathan Hammer


MID, 2009. Mixed skill on role. 107 x 76 cm

The fourth exhibition of Jonathan Hamer will have place in the Gallery Rich men from September 17 until November 21, 2009. The artist born in Chicago returns with his peculiar art, mixing of sublime form the historiography of the western art with the current one, strolling around from or symbolism up to the modernism.

Living between San Francisco and Barcelona, his útimo work might not allow bringing also these Spanish influences, mentioning the personage Don Quijote in his widest sense. His work brings to us the leather, two works are a collage or marquetry of the most exquisite and exotic skin, using skills of the artistic bound one, to which there alludes the proper form of two halves that bend.

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Day of the Galleries

Presentation - town hall

The mayor of Madrid, with the directorate of ArteMadrid

The next one 17 of of September celebrates the Day of the Galleries, day in which the best art galleries of Madrid open his doors so that the visitors could admire his exhibitions up to the midnight.

This big cultural celebration organized by the professional association of galleries ArteMadrid, the public lover of the art takes to bring over also as a principal target and not only collectors or buyers to know also what exists in the galleries. They are also a cultural space, not only commercially.

We must not forget that they are exactly the gallery owners who invest in artists long before the big museums and it is an excellent opportunity to know fantastic works, earlier not seen.

The finished program of the Day of the Galleries can look here

Museum of the Oil and web of Carbonell

Carbonell, company 100 % Spaniard and world leader in production and distribution of olive oil, who has given a draft to his web page to turn into the place of reference to the lovers of the oil and to promote his shop online, with products that you will be able only to find in and at an incomparable price.

In the new Carbonell web you will find the best olive tourist routes - a trip for the emblematic places of the olive tree and the oil in Spain - to know his Museum of the Oil and even to learn to realize oil tastings, using the star of tasting that Carbonell has developed so that the lovers of the oil learn to appreciate the differences and tones of his oils.

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It discovers Literary Madrid

Street of the Gardens in the Quarter of the Muses

Madrid without doubts is the capital of the Spanish culture, where you can find a wide variety of cultural routes in your trip.

Today we will give special attention to the route of Literary Madrid, with the corners of the city that have been a cradle of the letters and the writers who have printed his life on letters. It is Madrid of Lope de Vega, Cervantes, Quevedo, Góngora, Tirso de Molina and Caldron of the Boat, some of the big pens of the Century of Spanish Gold.

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Exhibition of design of the duo The Last Scream in Labor

NOWHERE/NOW/HERE is the title of the exhibition of The Last Scream, comisariada for the artistic duo formed by Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado. The same one is inaugurated tomorrow in Labor, Center of Art and Industrial Creation of Gijon.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 60 pieces, between which there is jewels, clothing, facilities and objects, designed by Boontje, Jersey Seymour, Santiago Cirugeda, Ron Arad, Gaetano Pesce, Daniel Weil and the Spanish Javier Mariscal and new designers, for nominating more than 40 designers some of.

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Biography of Kike Meana


Series Automatons

To speak about contemporary art without naming Kike Meana, is to forget an important part of the current art. Bachelor of Fine arts in 1991, in the Specialty of Painting in the Complutense University of Madrid, has announced principally for his series Automatons.

The work of Meana happens for three different lines, the first ones are Figures that consist basically of portraits and oils of different personalities, playing very much with the eroticism in his works; and Urban Scenery, where they put out different sceneries of the city that seem realistic in his linens.

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The Spanish night exhibited in Queen Sophia


The Spanish night: Fleming, avant-garde and popular culture is the title of the exhibition that there assembles the history of the avant-gardes and the Fleming from 1865 to 1936.

In her there can be seen portraits, sceneries and inns of the Spanish world of the Fleming, the bailaoras, the cataores, the art and the life. There are pictures of William Merrit Chase, Manet, caricatures of SEM (pseudonym of the group in which the brothers Bécquer were), Picasso, Severini, Lipchitz, Picabia, Looked and Man Ray for naming some.

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