Mona Lisa Rusa

The Gioconda or Mona Lisa is perhaps the most well-known woman of the art and since Leonardo da Vinci painted it it has been an object of the strangest parodies and imitations.

Here my last discovery: the Grodno firemen, take care of Russia, they have realized a painting on a building in which there appears in the red box a Russian Mona Lisa, dressed in the uniform of the Russian army, and for his face it seems that he likes his new work. After the more, the photo of the detail.

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Salvador Dalí and the flies

Salvador Dalí is a personage as enigmatic as eccentric and this declaration in the longest interview that one day made him Occur rarely Mountain it is an example of it.

Dalí was using dates sugar to attract to the flies while it was doing and this way it was attracting them to allow them to buzz inside his mouth! Is it possible?

Since only Dalí can do this!

Mona Lisa painted with hamburgers

As he says the famous saying, in the kingdom of the Gentleman there is for quite, and this curious artist has found a more kind use for the fat of the hamburgers.

Phil Hansen is the name of this artist who uses the fat of the hamburgers to paint pictures, in this video you will see the process of painting of the portrait of Mona Lisa. If we speak about mixed skill, since this is a quite curious use of the eaten scrap, since the hamburgers are used which cinder or crayons acuarelados.

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Mark Rothko in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's

On March 11 Christie's celebrates a new meeting of auction of contemporary art and of postwar period in New York, in which we emphasize a lot of our international favorite: Mark Rothko.

Without title

Ink, watercolor and graphite on role
Signed ‘MARK ROTHKO’ (left arrives)
21.4 x 28 cm
Executed in 1944
Starting price: 9.300 to 13.900 euros

This picture is somewhat particular in the production to which we are used to seeing of Rothko in the subasta, it characterizes for the series of pictures with chromatic stripes. Undoubtedly an interesting opportunity in terms ecnómicos to acquire a Rothko.

Portugal Series of Miquel Barceló in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's

A picture of the series Portugal of Miquel Barceló is the one that is present in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's, to be realized on February 12 in London, let's see it:

Without title (Portugal Series)

Signed 'Barceló' (below right) and dating ‘3 IV 84 ′ (below left)
Oil, grasito and sand on role established on linen
99 x 151.3cm
Executed in 1984
Starting price: 57.000 – 80.000 euros

I square 24 of Manolo Millares in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's

On February 11 Christie's celebrates his contemporary art auction and of post war with very varied lots, in which there are present Spanish artists, like Manolo Millares, of the one whom we will see:

I square 24

Mixed skill on burlap
162 x 130 cm
signed Thousands, below right
Executed in 1958
Starting price: 216.000 – 324.500 euros

Man in blue VI, of Fancis Bacon to auction in Christiés

On February 11 Christie's London realizes an auction that assembles 31 works of contemporary art and of post war, in which descatamos the lot with more expectations:

Main in blu VI of Francis Bacon

Oil on linen
Identical with 1954
Starting price: 4.400.000 – 6.600.000 euros

The peculiarity of the work is that it is always painted by a different procedure to applied by Bacon, since one treats the native as a portrait and not from a photo, as the artist was always doing it. In addition to this work of Bacon, there are pieces little seen in artists' auctions like Jeff Koons, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Alberto Burri, which we will see in the later days.

Composition of portraits of popes and cardinals

Who like the art, not only we appreciate a work for the beautiful of his language or subject-matter, but we look, of some form, for the threads that join this one with the diverse works of art in the history.

In the work of Francis Bacon we have a series of paintings dedicated to the study of the portrait of the Pope Inocencio X of Velázquez, that to simple sight they all look like equal ones, but behind there is a pictorial logic and an evolution of the same one.

In this video you will see the explanation of one of why of the pictorial composition of the portraits of popes and cardinals, an intrinsic logic behind the painting that comes out of the artist himself and it is inherited like tradition or recovers in the worry of a new artist.

Works of Antonio Saura in the Balclís auction

The room Balcli's realizes an auction of contemporary art in which we emphasize the lots of Antonio Saura, whom some time ago we did not see in an auction:

Faith Edict

Acrylic on binding. Signed. Exhibitions: “Antonio Saura“, Gallery Fandos, Valencia, 1989, 7
Measurements: 28×46 cm
Starting price: 18.000 €

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Head of Rafael Canogar to auction in Christiés

We could not allow naming Rafael Canogar and his lot in the contemporary art auction and of post war of Christie's London the next one 11. Let's see the picture of the abstract Spanish painter:


Signed 'CanogaR' (below to the right)
Oil on linen
130.3 x 97.2cm
Executed in 1984
Starting price: 13.700 – 15.100 euros

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