Works of Muñoz Vera and Toral in the Durán auction

From September 23 until September 25 the room Durán you auction also it will have his special one of Spanish art, in which descatamos the pieces of Guillermo Muñoz Vera and Cristóbal Toral.

Let's begin with Muñoz Vera:

Lara in Salustiano's apartment

Signed: Muñoz Vera 90 in the right low angle
Oil s/tela
BIBLIOGRAPHY: this work turns out to be reproduced in the book “Muñoz Vera 1981-1991 ″ of Matías Díaz Padrón.
Starting price: 16.000 euros

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Representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matíaas Quetglas.

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matías Quetglas.

As representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism we find a numerous group of authors who have devoted themselves to realize hyperrealistic works; authors who have realized hyperrealistic works without stopping realizing realistic works; and contemporary authors, young values or new promises inside the hyperrealistic production.

The Spanish hyper-realism is provided with a big number of consecrated authors. The School of Seville is represented by Juan Bautista Nieto, Cristóbal Toral and Eduardo Naranjo; and the School of Madrid, for Antonio López, Enrique Jiménez Carrero, Elizabeth Quintanilla, and Matías Quetglas.

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Out-standing collective exhibition in the Gallery Hopscotch in Madrid

The Gallery Hopscotch, directed by David Fernández – Braso is a somewhat peculiar space. Linked to the Gallery Juan Gris and placed in the Quarter of Salamanca in Madrid it is a space where, a pair of times a year, can enjoy some very out-standing collective exhibitions, where the selection of authors and of works is really elegant.

Next June 26 and under the title “Panorama 2007” he can enjoy one of these brilliant collective, which I cannot but to recommend to visit the persons who could approach to see it in Madrid.

It is not easy to see works of Miquel Barceló together and well chosen, Eduardo Arroyo, Team Chronicle, Looked, Antoni Tàpies, Eduardo Chillida, Lucio Muñoz, Luis Feito, Hernández Pijuán, Mompó, Pablo Palazuelo, Manolo Valdés, Canogar, Bores, Viñes, Cristóbal Toral or Antonio Saura between others. To keep on reading»

Auction of Segre in July: Hernando Viñes, Cristobal Toral, Carlos Nadal

Segre, which did not realize sale in June, quotes us at the beginning of July, the 2nd to be finishing the period.

This sale looks like a summer sale, with few interesting pieces, like surf of one year in which it has offered us out-standing contemporary art pieces, posicionándose like one of the most valid references in art of the S. XX and XXI in Spain.

From the lots of the month we have emphasized the following ones:


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Cristobal Toral and his “Oranges To The Air”

It is auctioned next June 20 in Muds Bolano, marries of auctions of Barcelona, recently installed also in Madrid, this piece of controversial Cristóbal Toral.

Toral is a good realistic, born artist in Tower Alhaquime in 1940, who stands out for his pictures representing baggage and his inns with pendent fruits (atomic inns). If of another realistic painter, Guillermo Muñoz Vera we were saying that he is the “painter of the light” it is possible that like counterweight the appellative one of “painter of the shades” is adapted for Toral, for the dark of his compositions and the thinnest handling of the tenuous light in them.


“Oranges to the Air”
65×81 cm
Oil on Linen
1977 Madrid

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The art of Cristóbal Toral

cristobal-toral.jpgIt is considered to be one of the big modality of the Spanish magic realism of the XXth century. He is one of few painters who has understood the avant-garde to his way. And that's why, also, it is recognized like one of the most singular Spanish artists and of major responsibility.

He was born in the year 1940 in Tower Alhaquime, Cadiz, Spain; but his infancy and adolescence lived through it in Antequera, Malaga. In this city it initiated, in 1958, his studies in the School of Arts and crafts. Between 1959 and 1961 it remained in the School of Fine arts of Seville; then it joined the School of Fine arts of San Fernando of Madrid, until 1964. To keep on reading»

Published for info in - Cristobal Toral, Authors that + I continue, Painting on February 22, 2007

Co8 Comment

Exhibition: Realism 2007 in Castelló 120

There comes to my hands the catalog of the Exhibition “Realism 2007” of the Gallery Castelló 120, which tandrá place from February 7 until March 3. This Gallery realizes in Madrid, at the beginning of year an exhibition with young realistic artists that it turns out to be very interesting to me.

This year there exhibit authors that I like like José Luís Corella, Modesto Trigo, Guennadi Ulibin or Golucho. Some that I liked more some years ago, like Javier Banegas, and others that Maria Treviño or Carlos Muro did not know like Pedro del Toro, Francisco Roa, Christian Pignol, Alberto Morago.

Of previous calls done in absence to Lorenzo Fernandez y Kike Meana essentially.

I like very much the realistic painting. Many collectors consider it to be a "minor" category lately with somewhat typical criticism as “that does not contribute anything to the art” or that “for that is already the photo” etc. A me these comments turn out to be entertaining to me. For me the realism is something more than a fabulous skill exercise. To keep on reading»

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