Cristóbal Hara, between the reality and the fiction

it will do

Cristóbal Hara / Vegap. Cuenca, aprox. 1973.

Born in Madrid in 1946, Cristóbal Hara lived through big part of his infancy between the Philippines, Germany, the United States and Spain. His first black and white photos had strong characteristics documentary makers without being protagonists the topics in his work, but the photographic language in itself.

In 1985 he decides to photograph to color, never using again the white person and black in his work. His photos cross the wall between the reality and the fiction and we stay without knowing which of the two is true. Perhaps that's why it is so difficult to characterize his work, It will always do it breaks barriers and penetrates limits, allowing us to see the ambiguous side of all the things. Also it is capable of painting the portrait of the Spanish identity like nobody, stopping in the big children details of the humanity.

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