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The Collection Yves Saint Laurent sold for 373 million euros, record number

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The good one for the market of the art, which although it is not mallllll, has not also had the happy moments to which it is used. The economic crisis gave a breather and Christie's closed the auction of the collection Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé with 373 million euros, a record number for a private collection.

The golden brooch of the auction gave a game of tea of china of Sèvres, estimated in 40.000 euros, and sold by 300.000. Only 3 pieces stayed without buyer of the 300 in auction, between them a Picasso of 23 millions that nobody wanted.

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Arch 2009 and his closing balance sheet

Arch 2009 closed his doors with a positive balance for his organizers, although the numbers of the collected were not revealed, said that they have been good, like more bought works of low price and more buyers.

Arch 2009 closed with 200.000 persons who visited the fair of contemporary art and the announcement of Los Angeles as the guest for the next edition. Works have sold for an average of between 300.000 at 100.000 euros, with some high sales at institutions and museums.

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Monet is devaluated on the market of the art

We were used that the big artists and the historical avant-gardes are successes in the auctions, but the economic crisis is swallowing everything and the market of the art staggers.

Even Monet has felt the devaluation in the last auction of Christie's it sold below the dear thing, while other one buyer did not even find. Dans the prairie is the name of the picture that sold for 12,6 million euros, being that it was foreseen in 17 millions.

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The best auctions of 2008

Madrid from White Towers, of Antonio López

Without doubts last months of this 2008, the auctions market suffered the consequences of the crisis, seeing his sales affected, so much in Spain as on a global scale.

But 2008 has been a long year and like all to had his pleasant surprises in auctions and now they go the best auction of 2008, according to Art Spain.

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The crisis in the art auctions: case Christiés New York

The crises it has come to remain and up to the market of the art he is suffering it a few months ago. We already saw that the auction of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid did not achieve the dear sales, according to artists' size.

In the auction of this week in Christie's New York the situation was equal: Rohtko pictures (one of the most expensive artists), Klee, Cezanne, Manet or Renoir did not think who dare to buy them. For Sotheby's the panorama is not kind at all: this week has had his worst collection in sales from 2001.

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The Picasso photos for Coanimal, the Picture most expensive

The Picasso that received Coanimal

In 1966, Antonio Cores, Spanish photographer, was gaining a bet and was agreeing to know and take a few snapshots of Pablo Picasso, the most famous Spanish painter.

Today these images, many of unpublished them, are exhibited in Picture, the International Fair of Contemporary Multiple Art, which is celebrating his 16th edition. The evaluation of the photos of the Picasso of 85 years is about 75.000 euros, turning them into the most expensive pieces that can be seen.

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Jellyfish Eyes and DOB DE TAKASHI MURAKAMI in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's

On November 12 in Rockefeller Plaza, Christie's celebrates a new art auction of post war and contemporary, where curiously there is no Spanish artist. Nevertheless, we emphasize the millionaire lots of the oriental artist of the moment: Takashi Murakami.

Jellyfish Eyes

Sealed with the signature of the artist (in the reverse of every panel)
Acrylic on linen established in the panel, in five parts
each one: 110,3 x 100,3 cm
Executed in 2001
Starting price: 1.177.000 – 1.569.000 euros

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Guitare, of Juan Gris in the auction of modern art of Sotheby's

On November 3 Sotheby's realizes an auction of modern and impressionistic art, with 70 works of the consecrated teachers of the history of the avant-gardes. It is as well as we emphasize the lot of Juan Gris, the painter of Madrid that more we like of this period.


Oil and role collé s/lienzo
73 x 60.5 cm
Executed in December, 1913
Signed Juan Gris, Paris 12-13 in the reverse
Starting price: 4.700 – 6.300 euros

We remember that in this one herself it will auction they will find works of Picasso, Modigliani, Degas, Marini, Kandisky, Chagall, for naming some, what turns it in a marvelous opportunity for the lovers of the modern art.

Portrait of Francis Bacon de Freud sold for 7 million euros

The market of the art is not so freed from the crisis as we were thinking, since the last contemporary art auctions with really important lots, or all the works do not manage to sell as in that of Spanish art, or scarcely they sell in his estimation.

The auction of Christie's was not the exception: Francis Bacon, the only portrait of the artist painted by Lucian Freud and lot covers with stars it sold for 7 million euros, being located in his estimation that was 6.387.000 – 8.942.000 euros.

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Auction of Spanish art Christie's: there were not achieved the sales waited in art of the XIXth century

Infanta Margarita de Valdés

The first balance of the annual auction of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid is not encouraging at all: 40 % of the classic works of Spanish art did not manage to sell in his estimation, while others did not even find his buyer. But the Spanish contemporary art gave success of sales.

The Cat Rosa de Hermenegildo Anglada Caramasa, the favorite of the auction valued for 1,5 to 2 million euros, did not sell in the bidding, but then an anonymous buyer acquired it to 1, 3 million euros, 200.000 below the auction estimation.

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