40 rewarded ARCH – Häagen-Dazs for young values


With the target to promote the contemporary art as cultural event of our society, Häagen-Dazs, in collaboration with ARCOmadrid, it summons young artists and resident creators in Spain, with independence of his nationality, after there informs of the Award ARCH 40 – HäagenDazs for young values.

The award is of 15.000€ and the exhibition is of the winning work in the edition of ARCOmadrid 2010. The term for the delivery of the works is next October 31.

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The exercise of the look, workshop of photo with Navia


Photo of Navia

The exercise of the look is the workshop of photo of the photographer Navia, who will be carried out in the rural accommodation The Cercadillo, in the Place of Pictures in full Nature reserve of Saw Mágina in the locality of Bedmar (Jaen).

The workshop has the coexistence form for 5 days, from October 14 until next October 18, and it is faced to students, professionals and public in general, interested in the photo.

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ArteMadrid gives work of Helen Blasco to the visitors of the galleries


Eat me, drink me, look at me, act of Helen Blasco who will be given

This year the Day of the Galleries will be September 17 and the association ArteMadrid has a surprise for those who visit 45 galleries: there will be given a work of the Spanish artist Helen Blasco to the most early rising visitors, because the copies are limited.

The galleries will be opened from 18 to 24 hs the Day of the Galleries. Blasco's work that they will be able to have is a cartel of a face split into three parts that will be distributed in the galleries. The mission of the visitors is to complete the triptych and to enjoy of one day to full contemporary art.

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I study Mornings of Art: Architectures for cities of CaixaForum Madrid


The course in the Mornings of Art: Arquitecturas for cities is a proposal of CaixaForum Madrid to know the steps of the architecture in the social and cultural environment.

The course will be dictated by José Ballesteros, architect and publisher of the magazine Passages of Architecture and Criticism. It is directed for students, professionals and public in general interested in the architecture. The course begins next September 23.

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The eccentrics of the contemporary art: cycle of conferences of Queen Sophia


The eccentrics of the contemporary art there is a cycle of conferences organized by the Friends' Real Association of the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia.

The target the conferences is to analyze the work and trajectory of 13 artists, who for diverse and convergent reasons, were alienated doubly during and after the bloom of the avant-gardes, after the Second World war. The elected artists are international artists, that for one or another reason, they remained outsiders of this movement in the art history and were catalogued like solitary and eccentric cases of his epoch. Between the specialists speakers are artists Lucian Freud and Eduardo Arroyo.

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Moments of Scenery 09: I compete of audio-visual of the CDAN

moments scenery

The Center of Art and Nature (CDAN) of the Foundation Beulas invites to take part of the second edition of his contest of audioviduales pieces, Moments of Scenery 09. The call takes as a target the diffusion of the idea of the scenery and the creation across audio-visual means.

The contest is opened to all the interested persons and the term for the delivery of the works wins next September 30. The requisites of the videos are:

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IV contest of Visual arts against the Violence of Genre


Ángel Soler Gollonet, 1st Award 2008

I It Donates and the Commission of Employment and of the Woman of Madrid they invite to take part of IV Contest of Visual arts against the Violence of Genre, an initiative from the art to fight against the violence towards the woman.

The artists can take part in two audio-visual forms: cartelería and video, both that tackle aspects of the struggles against the genre violence. There will be able to take part of this contest professional artists and students of Design, Fine arts, Architecture, Audio-visual Communication and Publicity. The term for the delivery of the works finishes next October 10.

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Award of Painting Focus-Abengoa 2009

I reward - pintura-focus-abengoa

The Foundation Fund of Culture of Seville invites all the biggest 18-year-old artists to take part of I Award of Painting Focus-Abengoa 2009.

The term for inscription closes on September 20 and you work it they will be received until November 3, 2009. The awards are: 24.000 € for the first position and two áccesit of 6.000 € each one.

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Temptations, call of contemporary art of Picture 2009

temptations 2009

In the Picture frame 2009, international fair of contemporary art dedicated to the edition and the multiple work, one invites all the resident artists in Spain to inform of the call of diffusion of emergent art Temptations.

A platform is temptations for the diffusion of the emergent art inside the Picture fair and it takes as a target to select one year more works of contemporary art that will be exhibited in the fair.

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Life 12.0. International contest Art and Vida Artificial

life 120

Telephone foundation calls the artists with finished works to inform of Life 12.0. International contest Art and Vida Artificial. The artists will have to present his works based on technologies of artificial life and his associate disciplines; as the robotics and the artificial intelligence.

The contest is opened to artists of the whole world and the term for the presentation of the work finishes on October 1, 2009. The awards are 18.000, 14.000 and 8.000 euros, respectively.

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