La Rioja, the ground with name of wine

The ground with name of wine is the title of the documentary produced to promote La Rioja like destination leader in tourism Spain enológico, cultural and of nature.

The documentary, which will be released on May 6, is realized by Fernando Colomo and led by Diego Martín, with the accompaniment of other personalities of the ambience riojano. Across the different deliveries, Coloin and Martín are discovering in this documentary the natural and cultural beauties of La Rioja.

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VII contest of Young Painting outdoors “Paco Alonso“

The organizing commission of XXX Cultural Week of Benagalbón summons VII Contest of Young Painting outdoors “Paco Alonso“. There will be able to meet to the contest all the national painters and foreigners younger than 36 years.

The topic will be: sceneries, visions, aspects, plastic interpretations of the people of Benagalbón. The first award is 2.000 €, following d 1.300, 1.000 and 500 €, each one. The contest will be Saturday, the 25th of April 2009, beginning at 10 a.m. hs.

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VII award of Painting Iberdrola – University Miguel Hernández

Iberdrola and the University Miguel Hernández invite the Spanish or resident artists in the country to inform of VII Award of Painting Iberdrola – University Miguel Hernández, provided with 6.000 € for the first award and a second prize of 2.500 €.

The term for the delivery of the works finishes on March 31, with freedom of subject-matter, style, skills, supports and procedures. The work must be unpublished and not have taken part in no contest, the artists will take part with 1 only work each one.

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I Award of Sculpture and AIDS SEISIDA

The Spanish Society to Interdiscipline of the AIDS (SEISIDA) and Pfizer invites to inform of I Award of Sculpture and AIDS SEISIDA all the resident artists in the country.

The award is provided with 1.200 € and the work must tackle the problems of the AIDS as regards the prevention, discrimination, social problems of the illness, labor problems, education, invisibility. The term for the delivery of the works wins on April 15.

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IX photo award The Cultural one

The newspaper The Cultural one invites young artists to inform of IX photo Award The Cultural one. The term to deliver the works is even el24 of April.

The artists must be not major than 35 years and not have exhibited his work of individual form in a shopping center. The topic and the skill will be free. The award is 5.000 euros for the production of an individual exhibition in gallery Marta Cervera of Madrid, coinciding with PHotoEspaña.

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II marathon of Rapid Painting 2009

On July 11 and 12 next Marathon of Rapid Painting will take place the IInd 2009 in the Castle of Quermançó de Vilajuïga and the Castle of San Fernando of Figueres of Girona.

The call is for artists that they can do up to a maximum of 2 works (1 for every castle), which will be realized in situ, in cloths or supports that will have a maximum of 50 F and to only one color, with free skill. The winners will receive awards between 600 and 400 euros.

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I compete for the design of the creativity of the Festival VivAmérica

Until February 15 you have time to take part of the Contest for the design of the creativity of the Festival VivAmérica, with the design of the cartel of the festival.

The presented designs will have to reflect the playful and creative spirit of the festival, respecting the diversity of peoples, cultures and sensibilities of Latin America. The winner will receive an award for 8.000 dollars.

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VII Infantile contest of Drawing of the Guggenheim Bilbao

From the visit to the exhibition All the art histories: Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna, the Museum of Guggeheim Bilbao invites children from 6 to 12 to take part of VII Infantile Contest of Drawing.

The work with will take part every child will have to be in a portrait – inn of a person that they know or of themselves, inspired in the work Fire of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

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Contest Creacómic

Box Mediterranean invites to take part of the second edition of Creacómic, a contest dedicated to the promotion of artists dedicated to this genre.

They will be able to take part of the contest, of individual form or for teams (of two or three persons), national or foreign, major young people of 18 years and who do not overcome 35 years in December, 2008. The works will be admitted between February 1 and 15, 2009. The awards are: 6.000 euros for the 1st position, 3.000 for 2nd and 1.500 for the 3rd one, in addition to four second prize for 500 euros each one.

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Talents Design, contest of design

The Foundation Banco Santander invites us to inform of the Contest of Design Talents Design. There will be able to take part all the students older than 18 years, in any of the following categories: Spaces and Interior design, Industrialist or Products, Graph, Fashion and Textile and Digitalis.

The most adopted works will be part of an exhibition in the ancient Slaughterhouse of Madrid, which will be realized in 2009. Also, of the awards in cash, there will be an award for 5.000 Euros brutto for the winner and 5 awards for 2.500 euros each one for 5 second prize.

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