Bill Viola, his life in 60 seconds

I found this curious video that gives some winks about the life of Bill Viola. At the age of 6 it fell down of a boat, perhaps there this the reason that I explained the use of the water as way for the life and the death in his works.

His mother died after Viola was born, from there his obsession for the life, the death and the existence in his works. A 1 minute to meet this contemporary artist, who is writing the page of the videoarte in the art history.

A fact: according to the information of the web of Viola, on October 20 his works we will be able to see in the exhibition The Eros tears in the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza, these works:

  • The Lovers (2005)
  • Becoming Light (2005)
  • Incarnation (2008)
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  1. juan-ra

    Just to aim that this affirmation, “your mother died after Viola was born”, is not correct.

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