The photographer Annie Leibovitz pawns his works for the crisis

Photo of Michelle Obama for Leibovitz

The economic crisis not only is mining the profit of the big houses of auctions, but now it has touched to a personality of the art: it is a question of the photographer Annie Leibovitz, one of the big photographers of the world, who has turned out to be forced to pawn some of his works to obtain cash.

It is clear that it has not gone to pawn as well as this way his work, but there joined the company Cardinal Art, where works of art are used like support for loans in cash, but it affects to the copyright, negatives and the contractual rights of every photo of Leibovitz.

Until now the company of the photographer has obtained a loan for 11 million euros, and whose strong debts that it has in his credit Leibovitz owe to the property litigations for the death of writer Susan Sontag, who was his couple. One of the pieces more important and current of Leibovitz it is the photo of front of Michelle Obama for Vogue.

Cardinal Art has in his credit works of Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Henry Moore y Picasso.

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