Together Lisa Borgiani and Massimo Nidini, photo and painting

The Italians Lisa Borgiani and Massimo Nidini reinvented the way of doing art joining the inspirations of each one to create the only works. This species of collaboration and artistic complicity brings to us two traditionally put up forms of expression: the photo and the painting that here walk together in perfect harmony.

The work of the couple is quite interesting and I confess that for me it is an innovation, as soon as Borgiani photographs all and any image that is capable of personifying a city or a movement that is capable of expressing intentions more than words, Massimo finishes the work with his painter's touches, highlighting one or another part especially, doing art of the nicest and sincere form.

Ligia normally uses the light and all the facets that she can provoke in certain ambiences. Massimo works with diverse materials between them plate of steel, board of canvas, wood, marble and role to promote the awaited effects. Although they should work together long ago, the artists confess that there are works that take months of discussion so that they are realized in its entirety. Probably be because one wants to complete the work of other and not to dazzle it.

Those that were interested by the work of the Italian couple Maria Pestana will be able to enjoy it in the Art gallery, of the day 01/09 to 30/09, in Madrid. Maria Pestana Art Gallery talks each other of a cultural project that takes as a target to throw commercially the works of a select group of artists in accordance with his technical capacities, creativity and imagination.

More informations about works and prices will be able to be obtained by the phone 34-915217541 or 34-636437645.

Recounted: Maria Pestana Art Gallery





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