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Life and work of Claudio Bravo



This painter of international fame is, along with Matta, one of the most famous Chilean artists in the world. There corresponds to the pictorial movement hyper-realism, of which it constitutes one of the tops on a global scale.

Claudio Bravo was born on November 8, 1936, in Valparaiso (Chile). In 1945, being still in the secondary school - San Ignacio, in Santiago - he began studying art. Then it entered the study of Miguel Venegas Cifuentes, where it remained during some time.

With 17 years Thirteen realized his first individual exhibition in the Lounge in Santiago. A time danced in the ballet Company of Chile and took part in the Theater of Essay of the Catholic University. On having been successful like portraitist, he could buy to himself a plane, with which it covered Chile, but at the beginning of the sixties it sold it and traveled to Barcelona, where it was during some time; later one changed Madrid.

For his first years in this city the artist devoted himself to deepen his relation with the art of the portrait, and one allowed to influence his painting for the works of the Italian Renaissance and the achievements of the Spanish baroque, across Velázquez and Zurbarán. It began painting the portrait to the most important personalities of the epoch; and this way it went so far as to paint more than 300 portraits in eight years, including to King Juan Carlos, to Queen Sophia and to the Infantas.


In 1963 it had his first exhibition in Madrid, and there it kept on exhibiting throughout the sixties. In 1968 it was some months working in the Philippines, where it realized a series of portraits of important social figures and politics. In 1981 it realized his first exhibition in Marlborough Gallery.

Of this one he is, at present, his exclusive artist, together with Boatman or Tamayo, reaching his work the highest quotation levels on the world market. For example, his nudes to the oil on linen reached prices on the million dollars in the auctions of New York.

Brave is an artist who is supported to the margin of the avant-gardes. With the skills the oil, the drawing to the charcoal, the cake and the engraving, could manage in his art almost photographicprecision”.

In his production it possesses a very varied subject-matter, which goes from the inns up to the psychological portraits, happening for an iconography mystic - religious. Brave also it does sculptures.

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  1. guber

    it seems to me that it has to have more infoemacion

    1. karlosxpro

      the works are missing x ke the isieromn

  • fiola

    I believe k far far Claudio Bravo to been some of the best painters of chilis his works tieenes this spatial touch a sense that makes look at the life from another point of view …
    not if they understand me

    1. Domingo Rodriguez

      Someone might facilitate to me the form or way of getting in touch with this Mr. It would be very grateful to him.

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    1. did brave claudio die??????????

      porfa order it to me I have k to do unq task for the school

  • hermes

    I have understood that brave he lives in a piece of news quarter york; I already roasted time that I lost the track of his work. the last thing that of the es that ncuentra already very delicate due to his problem of paaplejia. is a big person (the conocien an exhibition)

    1. champxe

      ke did brave claudio obtain awards?? where?? and kuando?? porfa answer to do a task …

  • camila yevenes

    which are the works of brave claudio????????

    1. Marcelo Bravo

      That a pity that only the children of the school worry about Claudio's work, to do his task. This artist as fact I tell them in some cases that he took a long time many years to finish a work, it is a big one of the history of contemporary art and of world class. The big artists in my country (Chile), are very little recognized and often they consider them very much more abroad. “Nobody is a prophet in his ground” greetings to the country Morocco for receiving it for so many years …

  • manyi

    I think that the information here proved to be is very good and his paintings are fantasticas.espero that this good ciao

    1. Jose Linares Molina

      The whole teacher, brilliant and unbeatable. An example to be continued for those whom we should create that the art really not to dead victim of the absurd modern tendencies.
      The hyper-realism is not a photo, it is a reality filtered through the soul of a poet who does, as Claudio Bravo does it.

  • oliwis!

    thank you!!
    this vio info stah!!!

    I po more flyte

    On October 6, 2008 at 10:05 pm
    1. ZeroX

      ta wena the info ran xiko
      but …
      komo iama the painting of the mine hoods
      report porfa brother xiko

  • javiiera

    emm … one stop me k him lacking imformaciion n it is suficiiente as to do works about the life of brave claudio

    On October 19, 2008 at 6:21 pm
    1. suyen

      to been desirable the painting and I have always painted to me since it was in the school, and the artist who more impressed me was brave claudio and my sleep would be one day to do although it is a little similar to, it is a pride that is Chilean

  • White Nathaly

    As a person of there above, is a pity that only they worry because it is for a task.
    I am not out of this criterion, because also the U I knew it for a task for, but nevertheless, his work captivated me, it did not have idea that was a Chilean, it is a pity that is not recognized at national level. This way the talents are getting lost in Chile because nobody with the exception of very few encourages the culture. In chili it is a personal task to learn and to be the best, BUT then to go away of here, because in Chile really they do not give you future.

    A greeting for him, if it is that some day reads this.
    And I hope that some day his work should be recognized, instead of giving homage to personages and you programme of farandulilla sale.
    White Nathaly

    On November 2, 2008 at 5:19 pm
    1. Marian

      I loved his drawings and portraits are like a few photos

  • we not more po

    this wea does not serve pa nah! pure trick is not a more po
    I am buescando cm one hour ago a wea and it does not leave niuna wea xaooo!!! madman!

    On November 13, 2008 at 2:29 am
    1. Helen

      hello I like very much your paintings and I am investigating on your life as it was like llegastes after painter does and very famous it hears adored you but you know cannot catch the awards that resibiste you might add that for fa thank you you are much BKN … ciao …

  • Carla

    he lacks a lot of information

    On November 29, 2008 at 12:04 am
    1. Yanni

      can anybody help me> I have a question. which it is the Name of the first piece on the page? the target mjer I mean. thank you!

  • monica kreibohm

    Yanni the work is called The Veil, thanks for making me remember that it should put his name,

    greetings and thanks for the visit

    5 sea 2009 at 9:42 pm
    1. frames

      it is much buy good of his works

  • Lili

    I find this brilliant compatriot, it has a talented perception of the color because the portraits seemed that they were breathing. fabulous

    On April 19, 2009 at 2:20 am
    1. mauricio

      I believe ke cludio brave not amuerto still.

  • mauricio

    I believe ke cludio brave not amuerto still.

    On May 31, 2009 at 11:23 pm
    1. victor

      Brave, keeps on being the artist visial to the ralismo as the leader of this current who today her execute many, not with the honrrades of the office like deviera since many project what there are no caoas of drawing, but brave it does it with the virtue of his talent and one notices that the es an authentic realist as the glorious maestrs of the epochs of the painting and the sculpture, my admiration as always, Victor Paz Lopez

  • victor

    Brave, keeps on being the artist visial to the ralismo as the leader of this current who today her execute many, not with the honrrades of the office like deviera since many project what there are no layers of drawing, but brave it does it with the virtue of his talent and one notices that the es an authentic realist as the teachers of the epochs glorious of the painting and the sculpture, my admiration as always, Victor Paz Lopez (I rectify, is my opinion)

    On September 8, 2009 at 9:01 pm
    1. hope

      they might give me some direction where to get connected with the great painter would be grateful for them
      painter ichina

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