Collective exhibition of digital art and new means in Queen Sophia

Image of the installation of robotics. Photo: EFE

From last Thursday the collective exhibition one can visit Machines and Souls. Digital art and new means in the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia. The sample can be visited until October.

The exhibition, which includes the work of 17 artists chosen by his aptitude to unite art and science, creativity, feeling and mystery, tries to outline the characteristics of this new digital art.

The visitor will be able to contemplate, from the interactive Rozin portraits, to the anthropomorphic robots of McMurtrie, the videoinstalación of Farocki, the sculptures of light of Friedlander, the installation / denunciation of Muntadas, the ferrofluidos of Sachiko Kodama, the Abbot's project that gives presence in Internet to alienated groups, the beasts of the beach of Theo Jansen, the software art of John Maeda, the interactive installation of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, the digital paintings of Evru, the facilities of Daniel Canogar or the unclassifiable art of David Byrne, Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen, Vuk Cosic, Pierre Huyghe and Natalie Jeremijenko.

This sample is the excuse for a series of meetings with the artists, who will be carried out until July 4. The target of the chats is to debate about the use of the digital technologies in the art.

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