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New York as Zugiaba, exhibition of photos in EFTI

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The Center of Image EFTI of Madrid offers us in the frame of the Week of the Architecture the exhibition of photos about New York of the Spanish photographer Alfonso Zubiaga.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 14 photos of big format of the 24 that compose the series New York of the photographer of Bilbao. The Zubiaga skill is to work from the real photo of the scenery of the city, desconstruyéndola across the digital manipulation.

new york 2

The proposal: from the digital manipulation of the images, Zubiaga brings us over to concepts like instantaneidad, representation and reception of the minimal moment. Really an exhibition without pierde to visit and to know a little the work of this contemporary Spanish photographer.

new york 3

Place: Center of Image EFTI, in Fuenterrabía 4 and 6 of Madrid. Opened to the public until next October 11.

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