Collection of unpublished drawings of Chagall to auction in Sotheby's

One of the pieces of the auction

The head office of London of Sotheby's will auction on January 29 a collection of unpublished drawings of Marc Chagall, contained in 43 books signed by the artist, in addition to sketches in watercolor, ink and cake.

The same ones will be able turn in exhibition from January 14 until January 18 in the Fair of Art of Islington, every piece is estimated between 550 and 16.700 euros.

The same ones belong to the couple Alfred and Irmgard Neuman, who were neighbors and friends of the painter when he was living in the south of France. In addition to the drawings, there will be auctioned an album of photos and negatives of Chagall, taken Alfred between 1974 and 1984 estimated in 3.300 to 4.400 euros.

Recounted: The country

Workshop of Sleep in the Museum Queen Sophia

From last Saturday, the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia offers the Workshop of Sleep, an activity for the whole family, in which there will be able to be visited the surrealistic works of the collection of the museum.

The walk includes the visit to works of Dalí, It looked and Paul Klee, between others, and it takes as a target to show to the niñso and parents the creation process applied by the surrealistic avant-garde, as well as the forms of imagination, invention and thought.

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Collection of contemporary art of Telephone Foundation

As any cosmopolitan city, the museums offer in Madrid is very varied, as galleries and institutions dedicated to promoting the contemporary art.

Today we will speak about the Art collection of the Telephone Foundation, one of the collections perhaps more young people but with the mission of recovering the Spanish contemporary art.

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