Biography of Cirilo Martínez Novillo, Spanish painter


Photo: Raúl Cancio

This Spanish painter belonged to the School of Madrid, group that not only based on his moral attitude, but on the recovery “of the formal values of the historical avant-garde”, and also one related it esthetically to the Second School of Vallecas. He was born in Vallecas, Madrid, in 1921 and died last year, July 15.

Cirilo Martínez Novillo is one of the fundamental artists of the Spanish figurative painting of the modernity. He could develop a very personal language, in which imagining and abstraction makes a mistake.

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To the sale curious Martínez Novillo

Next June 19 a curious work of Martínez Novillo is auctioned in Madrid, in the room Ansorena.

The piece is curious for diverse motives, first of all Martínez Novillo is a dedicated painter almost exclusive to the Castilian scenery, and this is one of these rare occasions in which we can see him very far of this subject-matter, with a “inn with oranges”.

The linen of 65×81 cm is appraised by Ansorena in a 14.000€ starting price perhaps too optimistic although the dimensions might justify it, is still to see as the collectors might assimilate this radical change of subject-matter that in authors as Martínez Novillo or Redondela, for quoting some examples, usually does not finish very well received for the market.

In the same sale of Ansorena salt a picture, in this case yes typically of the painter of Madrid for 9.000€ but with a low size 38×46cm.

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