Video of the retrospective of Cildo Meireles in the MACBA

Finally we have met on the video of the exhibition of Cildo Meireles in the MACBA. Here the commissioner of the sample, Bartomeu Marí introduces us in a trip across the exposed works and the language of this Brazilian artist.

Two extremely important videos for those that approach for the first time the work of Meireles, whose senses point much deeper than to the visual thing, explaining the complexity of skills and concepts that include his production.

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Meshes of Fredom de Cildo Meireles

Since you know, the exhibition that we can see in these days in the MACBA is dedicated to the work of Cildo Meireles, one of the most important contemporary Brazilian artists.

In this one interview, Meireles speaks to us about his conception of the art and the creative process that hides behind every piece. For Meireles from the beginning every idea can begin from zero and take a structure, language and different matter, as it is showed by the work Meshes of Fredom of 1976-77, which structurally seems very classic, but which to derivative in a project started in every new exhibition and that participant does to the public, who believes the new forks network and this way the form of the work.

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Exhibition of Cildo Meireles in the MACBA

It turned away for or Vermelho I: He impregnates ção, 1967-84

On February 11 the exhibition Cildo Meireles is inaugurated in the Contemporary Art museum of Barcelona. Without retrospective fortitudes, this proposal is an approach to the complexity of the creative world of the Brazilian artist, winning of the Award Velázquez to the Plastic Arts 2008.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of works selected in facilities of big format, drawings and objects realized between 1967 and 2008.

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Retrospective of Cildo Meireles in the Tate

White room with red objects. Photo: EFE

I like few artists as entirely as Cildo Meireles, who over his (questioned) political past, will enter on October 14 Tate Modern with a retrospective that puts it in the place that should be long ago.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition does a trip for the fundamental works of the Brazilian artist, spending from facilities of small and big format up to the series Insertions in circuits idelógicos, 1970.

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Exhibition of Latin-American contemporary art in San Sebastian

Social cleanliness, 2006, work of Regina José Galindo

Down the title is not neutral. Collection Daros-Latinamerica in Tabakalera, on July 19 inaugurates the collective one that assembles 24 contemporary Latin-American artists. The appointment is in the Room Kubo del Kursaal up to brought in in October.

In this one collective there will be seen 32 works belonging to the Collection Daros-Latinoamerica of Zurick, which assembles the best Latin artists of the XXth century.

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Cildo Meireles is the winner of the Award Velázquez 2008


Photo: Ángel Casaña

For the second time the Award Velázquez to the plastic arts lands in Latin America, this time in the hands of many-sided Cildo Meireles, an artist that there works the sculpture, the installation and the performance.

Meireles is characterized for presenting works in which the political commitment is present, in addition to that every work is mounted to invite to the interaction with the spectators, detail that characterizes his way of conceiving the contemporary art.

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