Christo and Jeanne-Claude in exhibition in the Museum Würth La Rioja

her - mastaba-emiratos-arabes-unidos

Abu Dhabi Mastaba
I plan for United Arab Emirates
I draw 1977, 71 X 56 cm
Pencil, coal, crayon, cake
Photo: Wolfgang Volz ©1977 Christo

On July 24 the Museum Würth La Rioja will inaugurate a retrospective of artistic couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

What will we be able to see? The sample will do a trip for the production of Christo and Jeanne-Claude from his beginnings until today, with sketches, documentaries, drawings and collages the projects in Paris, Berlin, New York and the current work in Emirates United Arab Emirates.

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Works of Christo in the auction Prints and Multiple of Christiés

The name of the auction is Multiple Prints and that Chritie's will celebrate London on October 28 and 29, with a wide artists proposal and you act, that go from the modern art to the contemporary. We emphasize the lots of Christo, who takes part with 4 interesting works, which show project sketches:


Galerie der Spiegel, Cologne, 1968 (Schellmann 22)
Incomplete a set of multiple and 7 copies, the materials, justification and / instructions sheet, the impressions on Bristol embroidered, the copy 19 of 100, the plenary meeting sheets, releases (as it was expressed), each one with minor wrinkles handling
724 x 641 mm
Starting price: 2.200 – 3.700 euros

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Land art: representative artists

Five Paths. 2002. Richard Long.

Five Paths. 2002. Robert Long.

Since at the end of the sixties some North American artists like Robert Smithson, Robert Morris and Michael Heizer, were deciding to realize works out of the urban environment, in full nature, there have been and are great the authors, even at present, those who decide to realize his works integrating them in the natural scenery.

They stand out artist Christo Javacheff along with his couple Jeanne-Claude, acquaintances for his polemic artistic interventions, of big dimensions, which normally consist of wrapping buildings, or of placing canvases in strategic places.

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Exhibition and auction of the works donated to the Museum Kunsthalle Bern

Yutaka Sone, Every Snowflake is to Different Shape (psychic) Not. 27, 2007

Not Leftovers is the name of the project for which more than 70 artists of the contemporary art have donated works to the Museum Kunsthalle Bern of Switzerland.

This project has been constituted in an exhibition that will be able to be visited until September 10 and assembles artists' pieces of the size of Georg Baselitz, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Martin Creed, Franz Gertsch, Candida Höfer, Julian Opie, Raymond Pettibon, Arnulf Rainer, Ann Roldán, Gregor Schneider, Thomas Struth, Luc Tuymans or Lawrence Weiner.

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Gallery of works of Christo

Valley Curtain. Christo

Valley Curtain. 1974. Christo.

There exists a big number of works emphasized in the artistic production of Christo and Jeanne Claude. One of them is Valley Curtain, a work of the year 1974, which consists of the installation of an enormous curtain of orange cloth on the vale of a few rocky mountains near to the Colorado.

Other one of his well-known facilities is Umbrellas, in which of simultaneous form enormous umbrellas or sunshades were located in different places of the world, as there were California and Japan. The blue umbrellas were located in Japan, and the yellow ones in California.

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Graphic work to auction: Block, Christo, Chillida and Orange tree

The room Appolo (July 23 at 7 p.m.) brings over to us the possibility of having a piece of the best contemporary artists with this auction of graphic works. The best of this auction is that the lots are below 1.000 euros, for which it is allowed to many modest pockets to do with pieces of Antoni Tápies, Christo, Eduardo Chillida or Eduardo Naranjo, for naming some.

Let's see some of the lots that more I liked:

The door, of Eduardo Naranjo

Signed: Orange tree to pencil
18 / 100 lithographs
Measurements: 50 x 35 cm
Starting price: 600 EUR

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Biography of Christo

Surrounded Island. 1982. Christo.

Surrounded Island. 1982. Christo.

Christo is a born Bulgarian artist in the year 1935. During some time he lived in France, and later in the United States. In the year 1995 it received the award Praemium Imperiale.

The artistic figure of Christo is linked to that of Jeanne-Claude, his sentimental and artistic couple. The work that they realize is inside the frame of Land Art. They carry out a type of artistic facilities destined to decorate temporarily monumental buildings, the nature or the proper scenery.

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