Masterpieces, collection of Chema Madoz edited by The Factory

chema madoz

Masterpieces, it is the title d and the collection of the Spanish photographer Chema Madoz, edited by The Factory that will go out published in April, 2010.

The volume covers the Madoz trajectory, across his photos, which of particular form, have the power to change the objects into different others, almost for magic art.

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Exhibition of photos of the collection PHotoBolsillo

Photo of Juan Manuel Castro Prietro

Big Teachers, 10 years of the Collection PhotoBolsillo it is the prupuesta of photo that you can visit in the shopping center Fnac Callao of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of photos of the big Spanish photographers of the collection and we will see works of Alberto García-Alix, Elizabeth Muñoz, Ramón Masats, Cristina García Rodero, Chema Madoz, Gabriel Cualladó, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Francesc Català-Roca, Manuel Vilariño and Juan Manuel Castro Prieto.

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Exhibition of photos of Chema Madoz in Cadiz

Chema Madoz (2000-2005) is the title of the retrospective of the Spanish photographer Chema Madoz that you will be able to visit in the Provincial Palace of Cadiz.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition is assembled by a selection of photos of the trajectory of Chema Madoz, in addition to 75 images of the volume of Madoz in the collection PHotoBolsillo of publishing house The Factory.

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Photos of Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz is one of the contemporary Spanish photographers more exquisite to my taste. Winner of the National Award of Photo in 2000, the photographic Madoz poetic art recovers (to me to understand) this aura of absolute that it surrounds the object.

Does the object, this way full, in what we might call his reality, show the power to count histories from the absence, but of whom? It is clear that I refer to the absence of the human being for which the objects of the world live and receive sense from the utility, from the mere being - tool.

Here a trip for some of his photos, a window opened to discover what sees the eye of Chema Madoz when it goes off.

Exhibition of Spanish photographers in Alcobendas

Carlos Cánovas Bilbao, 1994 Series Scenery without comeback

15 years of contemporary Spanish photo. Genres and tendencies. Collection of Alcobendas is the title of the gentle exhibition that assembles the best Alcobendas photographers.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition is distributed in 8 samples with a whole of 556 photos that will be seen in the Town hall, the Sports City Valdelasfuentes, the Foundation Metropolis, the Building of Companies, the C.C. Anabel Segura, the Boulevard Salvador Allende, the CIFP José Luis Garci, the Dividing Fronts and the European University of Madrid.

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Exhibition of the photographer Chema Madoz comes to the Museum Barjola of Gijon

Chema Madoz 2000-2005 is the explanatory proposal that we will be able to see in the Museum Barjola of Gijon. The sample is assembled by a set of photos, of a particular poetic art, where objects of the everyday life, and not so much, are the topic.

As dead natures, the objects captured by the lens of Chema Madoz come alive from his individual look and representation of the world that surrounds us. The sample can be visited until September 28.

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